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Growing Interest in Alternative Energy Sources

Photovoltaics SeminarPhotovoltaics Seminar

With the prices of oil and other fuels going every way but down, it is no wonder that alternative energy sources seem increasingly attractive.


More than one hundred people were present at the Photovoltaics Seminar held at LT12B at Singapore Polytechnic on 27 July 2006 to find out more about a possible alternative energy source. Photovoltaics (PV), commonly known as solar cells, are basically semiconductor devices that convert sunlight into direct current (DC) electricity.
The audience heard from three speakers that day: Dr Jiang Fan, School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Singapore Polytechnic; Mr Pete Swee, Director of Prosolar; and Mr Eddie Lee, Business Development Manager of Prosolar.


Dr Jiang kicked off the seminar with an overview of renewable energy. Mr Swee shared with the audience the working principle and the different types of solar PV systems.  Mr Lee discussed the design aspect and its applications with some examples of practical installations in Singapore.

 Photovoltaics Seminar

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