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Local Chocolate Entrepreneur Eyes Global Halal Market

Principal Low Wong Fook and Ms Nur Jehan of Cacao Gourmet & Premiums Pte Ltd cementing their parnership.

Muslims in Singapore and abroad will soon have a new line of high-end chocolates to savour. Local chocolate entrepreneur Ms Nur Jehan Bte Misrudin Anwar, 36 has embarked on a new venture to manufacture and market inulin infused chocolates developed by Singapore Polytechnic students. Her company, Cacao Gourmet & Premiums Pte Ltd, signed a two–year Licence Agreement with Singapore Polytechnic on Wednesday, 4 October 2006.

SP lecturer Mr Tan Soon Ann teaching his students the finer art of chocolate making.

“Cacao Gourmet & Premiums has received Halal certification from Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura (MUIS) for this inulin-infused chocolate line. The chocolates’ main ingredients which include fruit puree and inulin, a plant fibre, make them suitable for Muslims to consume. Presently, Muslims have limited choice of such Halal certified chocolates, since most of them contain liqueur or unapproved preservatives. So we foresee a big demand for our inulin chocolate line”, said Ms Nur Jehan.

The company plans to anchor the Singapore market first by distributing the chocolates through gourmet chocolate boutiques. It will then move on to tap the vast affluent Muslim consumer markets in the region, Middle-East and beyond.

Inulin is a plant fibre that helps promote the growth of good bacteria in the intestines and improve digestion. With this product, Muslim consumers can enjoy the pleasures of chocolates and at the same time benefit from its healthy goodness.

The signing of the License Agreement between Cacao Gourmet & Premiums Pte Ltd and Singapore Polytechnic was witnessed by Dato' M. Zain Abdullah, President of the Malay Chamber of Commerce, officials from the Chamber and MUIS.


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