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President Gives the Thumbs Up to SuPerstar


Their names sounded vaguely familiar - Paul Threehill, Kaylinda and a rebellious Ah Beng called Sky. As you watch Singapore Polytechnic's musical SuPerstar amid the rapturous laughter, the names begin to make sense. The show is a spoof of talent-scouting reality shows like Singapore Idol which won the hearts of many including the President!

By Cheryl Tan, School of Business and Adrian Lim, CCOM








Amongst so many idol wannabes, only one would emerge the winner. And are you able to handle the problems dealt to you in the course of chasing the dream of being an idol?


The President's Challenge 2006 ended on a high note with the staging of Singapore Polytechnic's SuPerstar: The Pop Musical.

In aid of the President's Challenge 2006, the 110 students and 70 staff from Singapore Polytechnic lent their experience and idol hopes for the charity musical event of the year. SuPerstar: The Pop Musical is based on the lives of contestants in today's reality television talent competitions.


Written and directed by SP Lecturer Jimmy Ye Liang Jun, the two-hour long musical was graced by His Excellency, President S R Nathan and Mrs. Nathan on 6 October 2006. The show marks the end of this year's President's Challenge, which raises funds for some 49 charities in Singapore.


After 150 days of training, the cast of 47 performed to a sold-out crowd, infecting the audience with 15 original songs, nifty dance moves and the emotional roller coaster Idol-hopefuls experience. The antics of the cast was lapped up by even guest-of-honour President SR Nathan and his wife


President Nathan said of the musical: "I thoroughly enjoyed the show. It is very reflective of our youths. It would be very appealing to young people and (it) also helps others to understand what youth is all about today'


SuPerstar drew inspiration from the trials and tribulations dealt upon young contestants in reality television competitions. Adding to the entire experience, SuPerstar audiences even got the opportunity to vote for their favorite idol, amongst the four finalists of the singing competition. Some 339 SMSes were received on Opening Night alone.


And as the night drew to a close, SP's Principal, Mr. Low Wong Fook, shared his wishes for the cast: "I hope that out of this, there will be future Singapore idols and superstars, because I think the seed is sowed for many of them to develop into real great talent of Singapore in the music industry'


Supporting cast member Brandon Ong, final-year student in Diploma in Business Information Technology reflected, "The most valuable lesson from this experience is perseverance. It has been a long journey since the first musical workshop back in December 2005. The expectations can be overwhelming at times, and sometimes I wonder why I got myself involved. But now that it's finally come to the end, I really can't let go of it.'


At the end of the show, Jimmy Ye, the maestro who composed the music and lyrics and who is a lecturer at Singapore Polytechnic's School of Media and Infocomm Technology thanked all who supported the musical in one form or another, "I have been fortunate to have so much support from so many people here at Singapore Polytechnic - the show would not have been possible without them- I too am incredibly proud of the cast, crew, band and the fact that we at Singapore Polytechnic managed to put together this very special show. It was a hard slog but I think well worth all the sacrifices and late nights we put in. I am very gratified that it has turned out well and brought glory to Singapore Polytechnic's name. It's been a memorable journey for me and I am grateful and relieved'

Singapore Polytechnic has raised $67,000 from ticket sales this is on top of the $138,000 raised from the school's flag day in April 2006, all proceeds will be donated to the charities under the President's Challenge.


And what does a thumbs up from the President get the cast and crew? A performance at the Istana and a well deserved tea with the President.


Well done!



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