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School of Mechanical & Manufacturing Launches New Diploma in Bioengineering

Students have an opportunity to work on real military projects

Singapore Polytechnic students can expect to work on projects with real military application, together with the best defence scientists and engineers. This is made possible by the partnership between SP and the national R&D laboratory, DSO National Laboratories (DSO). The students from SP's new Diploma in Bioengineering will be a part of this project.


SP's new Bioengineering course addresses two main areas in bioengineering, namely bio-manufacturing and rehabilitation engineering. In Bio-manufacturing, the course addresses the need for technologists in medical technology to support their manufacturing activities.


The manufacturing of optical and ophthalmic products has been identified as an area that requires technologists. An example cited by EDB was CIBA Vision, which plans to invest US$250 million in its Tuas Manufacturing facilities and employ around 100 technologists over the next 5 years. In response to the need in the vision industry, modules dealing with optics and ophthalmic optics have been included in the course curriculum.


The other main area in our new Bioengineering course is on rehabilitation engineering. Rehabilitation engineering involves the development of assistive devices and methods of rehabilitation for the elderly as well as for people with disability and injury. It has been projected that the population aged 65 and above in Singapore will increase from the present 7% to 18.9% by the year 2030.

To allow the elderly to remain in the community for as long as possible, it is envisaged that rehabilitation engineering will help to address the need in care management of the elderly. Therefore, the demand for such technologists is expected to increase and our new diploma course will help to meet such a demand.


In conjunction with the launch of our new Diploma, SP's School of Mechanical & Manufacturing has signed a collaboration with DSO National Laboratories (DSO). This collaboration is on a 3D Surface Scanning to Build 3D Models for Anthropometric Studies and Ergonomics. As humans come in various sizes and shapes, this project involves surface scanning of human subjects to build full body 3D human models.


The 3D information based on anatomic landmarks from the models could then be used for anthropometric studies and applications in ergonomics. Other applications of 3D human models include clothes fitting, animation and video games characters.



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