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Singapore Polytechnic Students Excel At UQ

Students from Singapore Polytechnic are doing exceptionally well at The University of Queensland (UQ) in Australia, and of 110 enrolled at UQ, 14 received the distinguished honour of a Dean's Commendation for High Achievement, receiving a 6.00 or higher for Semester 1, 2006.


Ms Dian Farziana Mohd Farid
(Dian is an MOE Scholar and recipient of the Lee Kuan Yew Award by Singapore Polytechnic in 2005)
B Science
Mr Zhi Liang Kenrick Hor B Engineering
Mr Kang Ping Goh B Information Technology
Ms Pei Fang Ng B Engineering
Ms Huixian Yang B Journalism
Ms Hui Ping Rhonda Kan B Science (Honours)


Ms. Rhonda Kan Hui Ping

Ms. Rhonda Kan Hui Ping received the distinguished honour of a Dean's Commendation for High Achievement in the Science (Honours) program:

“For me, UQ stood up from the rest, it struck me as a prestigious university with a strong focus on research, which is what I love doing. UQ science students are so fortunate to be constantly exposed to the state-of-art equipments and together with excellent supervision from highly recognised scientists at UQ. I've embarked on a wonderful, yet demanding field in cancer research.”

Students from Singapore Polytechnic excel at taking the different cultural expectations and challenges of studying at a foreign university, and achieve outstanding academic progress at The University of Queensland (UQ). Those students from Singapore Polytechnic who continue on to study in the Faculty of Biological and Chemical Sciences at UQ do particularly well, averaging 5.05 GPA, in comparison with the average GPA for UQ at 4.85, and the general Singaporean student body average 4.93.

Singapore Polytechnic and UQ congratulates these students and wishes them further success in their studies and a bright career.


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