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Students and staff enjoy grand opening of Foodcourt 4

Foodcourt 4

Foodcourt 4 re-opened with a big bang on 25 Sep 06, the first day of the new semester.  Foodcourt 4 which closed in August has been extensively renovated to add more tables and chairs and a new minimalist zen look.


"We took advantage of the term holidays to coincide the upgrading of Foodcourt 4. The transformation was complete despite the short 3-week vacation," said Mr C Pannirselvam, Deputy Director, Estates and Development.

 Foodcourt 4

Food Court 4 will serve food Monday through Friday from 7.30am until 8.00pm and on Saturdays from 7.30am to 2pm.


"Students can look forward to a totally new dining experience on campus," elaborated Mr Pannirselvam. There are thirteen food outlets offering the gastronomic food gourmet a wide range of culinary cuisines ranging from local, Indian, Muslim, Thai and western foods to speciality items like roasted meats, various forms of chicken, ban mian, to mini-wok fare.

 Foodcourt 4

Do take the time to come by the latest must try foodcourt in Singapore.


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