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Singapore Polytechnic Students Formulate Healthier Kaya

Now you don't have to worry about sugar, fat and cholesterol!


It tastes very much like any normal kaya in the market - but it is much healthier.


Now you can have your kaya toast and not worry about the sugar and fat content.


As part of their final-year project, three students specialising in Food Technology from Singapore Polytechnic’s (SP) School of Chemical & Life Sciences have created a kaya that is as rich and aromatic as normal kaya but has 20 per cent less sugar, fat and cholesterol than the latter. The product has received the healthier choice label awarded by the Health Promotion Board.


Said group leader Lang Wui Ting, 20: "We are proud of this product because it can serve a big crowd as people are more health-conscious these days. We replace it with sugar-based substitutes, low fat milk as the normal kaya uses coconut milk. Also low cholesterol eggs to make it healthier. We have to try out different types of formulations, find out different kind of sweeteners, get the best combination of all to mix the type of sweeteners used in our formulations. And we have to alter the taste of the kaya, like the texture, the smoothness to get the best formulation of all."


To create their kaya, Wui Ting and her group members, Jasmine Lin and Jason Tan, spent six months and $10,000 experimenting with different ingredients.


They settled on using fructose and isomalt to replace sugar as these do not raise blood-sugar levels as much as sugar because of their lower glycemic index. Low-fat coconut milk and low-fat milk were also used to cut down on fat and cholesterol. Usually, milk is not used in the production of normal kaya.


Local kaya manufacturer, Fong Yit Kaya, which approached SP to create the healthier kaya, is planning to introduce the product in a big way in three months' time. Right now, members of the public can purchase the healthy Kaya from selected Econ mini mart stores. The introductory price is about $3.


Goh Tee We, Production Manager at Fong Yit Kaya, told eSTOP that the reason he chose to partner SP was because of its expertise in R&D.


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