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Time to Conjure Up the SP Community Spirit


The 22 Sep 06 issue of the Straits Times is quoted as saying that Singapore Idol 2 has less buzz. In the last performance show in which the last two finalist were announced there was a drop of 83,000 viewers? Why was this so? A MediaCorp spokesman said, “Since 2004, there has been an influx of similar talent shows in different languages across various channels. It is inevitable for viewership to be affected.” Taufik


At Singapore Polytechnic we beg to differ. We believe that it was the support that the polytechnic put behind our alumnus Taufik that caused a buzz between the opposing camps that made a difference in Singapore Idol 1.


We rallied the student population and called on alumni to support Taufik through dedicating the whole SP website to Taufik and putting a banner on T12.


For the uninitiated, Singapore Polytechnic's Corporate Communications Department received "love" mail from Sylvester Sim's fans over our support for Taufik.


The SP family has been very supportive of our community service efforts and never fails to rally being worthy causes.


President's Challenge

 President's Challenge

This year Singapore Polytechnic has committed itself to raising funds for the President's Challenge through the upcoming pop musical, Superstar.


The gross proceeds, not net, will go towards the charities supported by the President's Challenge. It is time for every one in the SP community to show their support by purchasing tickets to the musical and by encouraging their relatives and friends to consider supporting this worthy cause. You can also help by purchasing specially designed Superstar t-shirts or specially commissioned perfumes for this occasion.


Let's support our students, alumni and staff who have worked hard over the last year to put up this musical to raise funds for the President's Challenge.


Tickets are available through:
SISTIC Website
SISTIC Hotline 6348 5555 and all Authorised Agents
For enquiries, please email to
There is a special concessionary price for Singapore Polytechnic staff, students and alumni and secondary school students. Please produce relevant identification cards at point of purchase.


Watch the trailer about Superstar - The Pop Musical


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