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Mr and Miss Singapore 07/08 Crowned – Your Winners!

Text and interviews by Valerie Ng and Troy Chew
Photographs by Jacob Yeo

Oops! - A Singapore Polytechnic publication for students by students
Department of Language and Communication, Singapore Polytechnic


It was a dazzling night of lights, make-up and glamour as the Mr and Miss Singapore Polytechnic 07/08 finals was held at the Auditorium on 30th November 2007. For those who missed the fabulous show, no worries 'cuz we'll be dishing out the most exclusive scoops just for you!

Before the pageant commenced, the Oops! team went backstage to check out the finalists. All of them looked absolutely stunning and seemed so prepared and confident - no bundle of nerves here. Whilst they were prepping for their big night, the audience were entertained with a slide show on the moments leading up to the finals. There were even scandalous videos, but when asked about it, one of the contestants (no, we ain't revealing who!) claimed that all of them were simply good friends and there's nothing going on. So, let's take him at his word, shall we?

Fans showing their support

SHER-HOT! Cheryl’s fans cheering wildly!

The anticipated competition finally started and the crowd went ballistic as they cheered for their favourite contestants. The opening dance was simply sizzling as the finalists showcased their slick moves. They also pulled off the fashion show with aplomb which had them clad in casual wear as they sashayed across the stage. Don't you just envy them for making even street wear look so good?

The next segment was the sports wear segment (well we can't have a swimwear competition, so this is the next best thing!) and the finalists showed us their sporty sides. I take my hat off to them for being able to model while 'playing' their sports - the likes of canoeing, football, volleyball and even golf - sports have never looked so good until now!

After two rounds, the winners of Miss Body Beautiful and Mr Physique were crowned. The judges picked F3 - Sheryl and M5 - Arun respectively. Congratulations to both of them! The first half of the contest ended with the finalists doing a hip-hop dance and indeed the energy and confidence said it all: they really know their stuff well! Must have been all those nights of training.

Oops! writers: Valerie, Troy & Kevin

Casual wear segment

During the intermission, Oops! interviewed the four judges and compliments were aplenty for the contestants!

Elly, who was crowned Miss Singapore Polytechnic 05/06 said, "The contestants were out-going and they danced really well. Their personalities could be portrayed through the dance and sports wear segments. It was a good challenge as the finalists had to step out of their comfort zone and it wasn't just plain posing." One piece of advice she has for the girls is, 'Have fun and stage and don't fall on your heels!'

Sufyan, who is from a modeling agency - People Management, exclaimed that "The stage is full of beautiful people and it's highly competitive.' The qualities that he looks for in a winner is 'selling points, stage presence and x-factors'. Tough words from the man in the modeling business!

M4 Matthew – Mr SP!

F5 Syirin – Miss SP!

Benell of Creative Power felt that "Each has their own charisma and talents. The standard is equivalent to the pageants held in MediaCorp." He has this message that he wants to convey to all the contestants: 'Treat the contest seriously, but not the results!'

Mahfuz, from Teenage Magazine, said that "The audience was spontaneous and the contestants had a good mix of poise and charisma. There was a platform for the finalists to present their talents and it wasn't your typical pageant.' He feels that the winner should 'possess not just looks, but the persona and personality are just as important. Since SP is about fun and going all out in terms of work and play, the winner must be able to display this spirit of SP". Mahfuz, an ex-SP student sure does know a thing about the spirit of SP!

Indeed, to win the title of Mr/Miss Singapore Polytechnic is not an easy task. You've to possess many attributes in order to win the hearts of the judges and audience. It is undeniably a tough fight for all the contestants!

SHER-HOT in evening wear

Mr and Miss SP 07/08

After getting insightful comments from our beloved judges, the show moved on the last part - the evening gown segment! Now, what they did say about 'saving the best for last.' The audience went wild when the female finalists stepped out one by one in amazingly beautiful creations, though they were precariously in fear of tripping on their high heels. But hey, if you looked that gorgeous, what fear is there?

It was a kaleidoscopic feast for the eyes as the female finalists were dolled up in colourful evening wear. The male finalists were next in their suits and had the audience in awe with their stage presence and charm. We couldn't agree more to the old saying that "Suits are made for any men to look good." In fact they were out-of-the world stunning!

The crowing of Mr and Ms Personality were next and they went to M4 Matthew and F4 Esther respectively, a segment voted by the audience.

Miss SP 05/06 Elly, 07/08 Syirin & 06/07 Melissa

Miss SP 07/08 Syirin with her family

Up to this stage of the competition, it has only been all about looks and charm. Therefore, what made Mr and Miss Singapore Polytechnic memorable was the Question and Answer segment.

The finalists had to pick a question of their choice and three of them absolutely stole the show. First was from M4 Matthew who was asked to use five words to describe his life. His quick reply of "Live life to the fullest!" got both the judges and audience cheering wildly!

Next up, was F5 Syirin who was asked 'If there was one thing she could change in her past, what would it be', she replied "I wanna switch to Diploma in Tourism And Resort Management, I've been doing accounting for years and I am getting sick of it." We totally applaud and admire her honest and innocent answer! A new trait in Miss SP that the judges were looking for, perhaps?

However, what really stole the Q&A segment was M5 Arun whose question was 'What is the major difference between you and the other finalists?' Arun replied 'I'm an Indian!" Hmm, you could say he was too quick-witted for a question that would have made most of us think hard and long. But how the crowd cheered at his answer, with many supporters on their feet, clapping and cheering wildly! He must have given the right answer!

Mr SP 07/08 Matthew with his family

Mr and Miss SP – the contestants and organizing committee

Results were announced right after the Q&A segment and M4 Matthew, 19 was crowned Mr Singapore Polytechnic. When interviewed, he said, "I must say I looked really weird when I was in secondary school, I had my spectacles on" said the 'ugly duckling turned swan', third-year student from the School of Business. Plenty of hope for the rest of us to make it big like him!

Indeed his lack of size and height didn't stop Matthew from being crowned Mr Singapore Polytechnic. He commented, "I am one of the smallest sized guys, actually one of the shorter ones to be exact."

M5 Syirin, 17 was crowned Miss Singapore Polytechnic. When interviewed, she said, "I'll sit down and just stare into black space and not talk", on how she calmed herself down during the stressful moments of the competition.

Besides having looks to die for, Syirin is more than just a pretty face, she is a model for Toni and Guy, a dancer and a singer - she could just be the next SP Star!

'Talkative' was one word our female winner used to describe herself. In fact, she mentioned that she 'talks a lot and is very clumsy' when she accidentally lost grip of her prize on stage. Never mind the slight blunder, we totally forgave her for being too excited on winning!

Meanwhile, the hot favourite of the competition, F4 Esther, lost out on the crown but went home with Miss Personality. She sure had the whole house supporting her, with rapturous cheering and clapping every time she went on stage.

The night ended on a high note, with lots of congratulations from friends and fans of the finalists and a photoshoot of the finalists with the organizers, Singapore Poly Students Union (SPSU).

This is the twelfth year of Mr and Miss SP. We will definitely look forward to next year. Will you be one of the contestants?


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