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A Delightful Afternoon of Stories & Games

Media & Comm@BizSP recently organised the event "Stories!Stories!" for 400 secondary school students.


Master Storyteller in Action: Ms Kiran Shah and storytelling at its finest.

Master Storyteller in Action: Ms Kiran Shah and storytelling at its finest

Ever wondered how to get the full attention of an audience? How does dressing up as a movie star or media personality help you understand more about persuasive communication? And does storytelling help make you a better presenter in school and at work?

On 27 June 2007, almost 400 secondary school students from about 20 secondary schools discovered answers to these questions, as well as other interesting morsels about Media & Comm@BizSP, in the plush comfort of the Singapore Polytechnic Convention Centre.

The afternoon of storytelling and games began with a presentation by Ms. Kiran Shah of the Asian Storytelling Network, who shared storytelling tips and tricks with the students. The students participating in the competition were whisked off to audition venues nearby to battle it out for the final eight places. The 360 students remaining students were grouped into teams to compete in games specially created by students from Media&Comm@BizSP. The teachers and judges were not forgotten. A special tour of the diploma studio was conducted for these important guests.

The student visitors loved the games. In fact, the organizers didn't expect such levels of enthusiasm. Kameshwari, a Media&Comm@BizSP student facilitator, shared that her student visitors "were a fun and sporting bunch, and they seemed quite outgoing. Their enthusiasm surprised me."

Nerves, there were plenty but the competition participants managed to impress the audience in their own unique ways.

Step on it: Students getting instructions on how to play the game

Step on it: Students getting instructions on how to play the game

Human board games featured prominently. The students had a roaring good time hopping about on life-sized boards on the floor. Other games included 'Dress Me Up', for which students dressed up as characters like Paris Hilton and Superman. The halls outside the auditorium were a hive of activity with the teams rushing excitedly among twenty game stations.

Everyone gathered again in the convention centre for the storytelling finals. The eight finalists bagged them cash prizes ranging from $50 to $400 for their entertaining, witty and even touching performances.

So what went into preparing and running the event? Alwyn Chan, a final year student, was one of the facilitators for the event. "There were a lot of props needed and we had to co-ordinate our efforts. Everybody had to work together as a team," said Alwyn.

Lin Zhili, one of the students involved in creating and producing the human board game, said the team had to make sure the game was fun and enriching besides being aesthetically appealing. Along with coursemate Dione Tan, she went through the entire process of producing the game, and this included making the game cards and the large dice.

To Zhili, producing the board game proved the most challenging part of the preparations. "Imagine cutting, trimming and pasting huge pieces of paper to make up to one huge board," said Zhili. "The process was so long and tedious, I can't imagine how we managed to pull through." But pull through they did.

Seeing the board game in action was especially meaningful for Zhili. Her project group developed the human board game concept as part of their Media and Promotional Publicity module where students from Media&Comm@BizSP implement their projects in real life, under real conditions.

By getting so intimately involved, our students gain a deeper understanding of what goes into organising and managing a large event. Well, their efforts certainly paid off. Ms. Anna Marie Koh, a teacher from Yusof Ishak Secondary School said, "I wish to commend SP for the wonderful event held yesterday. The games, especially the floor game, were very impressive! It was also very well-organised."

Its Lonely Out There: A promising story teller in action


Fun, Fun, Fun: "Paris Hilton" brought much joy and laughter to the students


The Teams in Action: Getting instructions from their student facilitators

Master Storytellers: The eight happy finalists backstage


Spellbound: Mr. V. Maheantharan, Director, School of Business, (in tie) and our VIPs wait in suspense


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