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A mad dash around campus – all in the name of good green fun!

The Amazing Green Race 2007 was held on 14 November in conjunction with the Staff and Students' Sports Day.

It attracted 29 teams from 17 schools/departments.


Participants, in teams of four, sprinted off to their various checkpoints all geared to tackle the various challenges awaiting them the next electrifying hour. Armed with the latest must-have fashion item - 'Love Nature' recycling bag - they raced through the various checkpoints, completing challenges at breakneck speed in order to return to the endpoint for yet another test on their creativity, innovativeness and ingeniousness - Poster Design - coming up with a poster from scrap (literally) in 30 minutes!


Not just any poster design, but poster design using the most raw and original of materials - recyclable materials.

The theme: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

Most befitting the clean and green message brought across by the finished product - the Recyclable Poster.

Entries were judged on various criteria and the winning entries are listed below.

Congratulations to the Winners!

  • First Prize: Power Puffs & Mojo-Jojo (Department of Industry Service)
  • Second Prize: Swiftly Best (School of Business)
  • Third Prize: Sun Flower Petals (School of the Built Environment)
  • Fourth Prize: MS Green (Department of Mathematics and Science)


Please visit the Library Display Corner to take pleasure in admiring the creative Recyclable Posters by the winners!


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