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A peek into EEE

Questions were answered and nagging worries put to rest when some 250 parents and first year students of EEE attended the SEEE Open House on Saturday, 21 July 07.

Held at the Auditorium, the yearly event is organised to allow parents to gain an insight into the courses their children are taking. They were also presented with an opportunity for a discussion with their children’s personal tutors to enquire on their children’s welfare, behaviour and how they were coping in their new environment.

Director of EEE, Dr Dave Chong welcomed parents with an overview of the education in SP and touched on issues such as the peer tutoring scheme, CCA points and further studies option.

To help parents and lecturers communicate with the teens of today, a presentation, “The Art of Communication with Young Adults” by resource speaker and trainer, Mrs Alice Lee-Tok provided valuable tips.

The open house ended with a tour of the laboratories and facilities to highlight that with the right environment and skills, students can look forward to a fulfilling and enriching experience with SP.

Dr Dave Chong answering queries from concerned parents


Seeking clarifications from EEE, Director

Parents arriving for the EEE Open House


Parents attending "lessons" at the Digital Electronics Laboratory


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