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A Winning Re-interpretation of an Urban Village

ARCHinteractiveARCHinteractive is staggered in both form and space to facilitate constant visual connections and interactions. Sounds impossible? Not with ARCHinteractive, the brainchild of Jonathan Lim Yu.

Jonathan, who graduated from SP with a Diploma in Architecture with Merit in 2007, clinched the First Prize in the prestigious 2007 Bentley Systems CADD International Competition with ARCHinteractive, under the University/Collegiate Architecture category.

Situated at the feature space of ARCHinteractive is a waiting foyer leading to the auditorium. This waiting foyer is designed with a floating glass box that hovers over the swimming pool that allows visual connections.

Internal greenery acts as a visual buffer between the swimming pool and public circulation. The greenery also helps to reduce glare and improve indoor air quality.

ARCHinteractive is more than just an ecologically friendly structure; it is an aesthetically pleasing abode for events and interactions.




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