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An Enriching Experience in Japan for Students

Ten students led by Ms Jane Yang from the Department of Student and Alumni Affairs were in Japan recently for an exchange programme.

The Singapore Polytechnic-Hiroshima Institute of Technology Polytechnic (HITP) student exchange programme exposes students to the Japanese culture through activities such home stays, visits to industrial sites, historical sites and schools and universities. It is an enriching experience which provides students the opportunity to appreciate a foreign culture and to make new friends.

During the visit, HITP arranged Japanese language and etiquette workshops to help the Singapore Polytechnic students communicate better while Japanese calligraphy and origami allowed them to learn and appreciate Japanese culture more deeply.

The students also made trips to both the Mazda museum and Calbee factory where they saw first-hand stringent quality enforcements. Then there were the home stays which allowed the students to immerse themselves in Japanese culture and learn their values.

All in all, the participants came away fascinated by Japanese culture. The experience left a deep impression on them. Parting was difficult when the visit came to an end but there was the comfort of knowing that they could continue to keep in touch with their HITP friends.

Group photo with HITP students


Japanese Language class at HITP


Attending Japanese Caligraphy class

Picture taken in Itsukushima Shrine, Miyajima


Host house of one of the SP students


Our Parting Song in HITP


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