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Choosing the Best for Your Child

A record of 1,500 parents and potential students came for SP's Parents' Seminar. 2nd year business student Lim Xiu Ru went down to find out more about the event. Read the coverage here.

By Lim Xiu Ru
2nd year business student


In conjunction with Singapore Polytechnic Courses and Careers Fair 2007, a Parents' Seminar was conducted on 6 January 2007 at the Convention Centre and Auditorium to address concerns of parents regarding the most appropriate education path for their children.

As the decision of enrolling into a Junior College, Polytechnic or Institute of Technical Education after secondary school can sometimes be daunting, the speakers aimed to provide parents and students with clearer perspectives of the type of education most suitable in terms of value, interest and attitude (VIA) matching.

Said Mdm Sharifa Hafeeza: "My daughter is now better informed, and focused on enrolling into the Business Administration course after attending this fair."

Also highlighted were key issues such as the changing landscape of youths today, where more students are opting for broad-based and multi-disciplinary education.

This is evident from the rise of students who are eligible for A Levels education opting instead for Diplomas offered by the Polytechnics.


Harry Law, another parent said: "The seminar was useful and informative for students looking at whether to go to a Junior College or Polytechnic. The concept of broad-based learning should be more heavily marketed."

The employment opportunities offered to Polytechnic graduates upon graduation are promising, with a median income of $1,688, illustrating the demand for the practical skills of Polytechnic graduates.

Added Mr Wong Chit Sieng: "The practical learning experience that students who came here received was an eye opener for me."


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