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Code-a-thon Games Creation Competition

Singapore Polytechnic Diploma in Information Technology student Lee Zhen Huang Dennis and his team spent 30 hours from 4 September 10am to 5 September 4pm at Suntec City competing at the 30-hour Code-a-thon Games creation competition. The event was organised by Nanyang Polytechnic in partnership with Microsoft and IDA.

Their time proved to be well-spent and their team comprising of 2 Game Programmers, Dennis and Travis Ho, students from NUS, and 3 Game Artists, Edwin Chan & Desmond Wong from NYP and Skeel Lee from NUS, emerged to clinch the 'Excellence in Technical Achievement' award. Their game, Starry Starry Night, was showcased at the Games Convention Asia 2007.


photo of Dennis Lee   photo of the winners


The theme of the competition -Games on Brain Training- was announced at the start of the competition on 5 September 10am. Participants were required to produce the technical demo that teaches at least two of the following skills in their game: Arithmetic skill, Pattern Recognition skill, Memory skill, Analytical skill and Prediction skill.

After several hours of brainstorming, their team came up with the final game concept. Work begin with the programmers coding the game play while the artists began to create the game world.

At the end of the 30 hours, their team not only produced the technical demo as required, but a completed game that is up and running.

Besides this, Dennis is also a member of another team that took part in the Independent Games Developer Challenge. Their team swept both the Excellence in Technical Achievement and the Best of Show Awards.

Both teams went back with a cash prize of $6000 and 2 Xbox 360 in total.


Screen captures of the game that was created

Screencapture of Starry Starry Night   Screencapture of Starry Starry Night
Screencapture of Starry Starry Night   Screencapture of Starry Starry Night

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