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English as it is NOT broken!

SP-Y Plain English Speaking Award (PESA) Finals

Luke Hsu Chee Keong
Oops! Writer

Joel Kho
Oops! Photographer

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Singapore Polytechnic. 12.12.2007. 3:30pm. LT12B was filled, but this time it wasn't for a lecture. It was the Plain English Speaking Award (PESA) Finals! Now what is plain English you might ask? Well, The Plain English Speaking Award or PESA is a national oratorical competition organised annually by YMCA Singapore. SP - Y PESA aims to identify proficient speakers in SP to represent SP in PESA 2008. We received nominations from various schools in SP and after a preliminary round, narrowed the search to 6 finalists.

For the finals, there were two categories: one, where the finalists will talk on a topic that they have prepared for and another, where they have to give an impromptu speech -finalists were tested on their wit and ability to think on their feet, as they were only given a mere TWO minutes to prepare on a given topic.

Have you ever wondered how the media has influenced the way we act and think? How about where the human race will be in another 10 years time what with global warming and Man's continuous quest to be the best in everything? Well, these were the tough and challenging topics that our 6 brave and eloquent finalists presented and what an amazing performance it was!

Now, many of you might be wondering how fun would it be listening to a group of people presenting their viewpoints on a gloomy and rainy Wednesday when you could be already at home relaxing. Well, games were played during the short intermission, entertainment in the form of quirky expressions by the finalists, presentation techniques learnt and the great refreshment made the whole 2 hours a walk in the park.

Sounds pretty good, don't you think?

There were 3 judges at the finals - Constance Lee, Delonix Pan-Cheong and Evelyn Louis. Ms Constance Lee, commented at the prize presentation ceremony, "The finalists' performances have exceeded expectations and I can confidently and proudly proclaim that poly students CAN speak well."

Results were announced right after and Aaron Yap, from the School of Business was the eventual winner! When interviewed, he said, "I am delighted to be able to win this award. Not forgetting my very supportive fellow finalists. In fact, there wasn't much competition among us! All of us got along pretty well". Now that's the spirit of winning - sharing the glory together with your competitors!

That's not it; Aaron will be representing SP in the PESA Poly/JC category in 2008! We will definitely look forward to next year's round! With that, I bid you a "That's all for my speech." Goodbye and till the next Oops! Scoop.

The participants

Judges hard at work

Aaron Yap - the winner!


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