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Every Chair Tells a Story

SP students show how ordinary chairs can be individualised and project its own personalities

Did you know that chairs have their own personalities?

Other than providing rest and support for your body, a chair can be individualised and can project as much about yourself as what you are wearing. The chairs depict current lifestyle trends and the creativity that can be applied to Ikea chairs for personalised, unique looks.

First-year Diploma in Creative Media Design students transformed 30 ordinary chairs into creative art works at the Art Chairs Exhibition @ Ikea Alexandra last week.

Using henna painting, Japanese, panda, hungry hippo and fairy themes, each chair became an individual design, theme and story.

Students also demonstrated the illustration process using acrylic paints and permanent markers, done in graphic street-style with inspiration from the visual culture of graffiti art.

This exhibition is part of the student project in the Drawing Studio module, part of the Diploma in Creative Media Design. The course is jointly conducted by the School of Design and School of Media and Info-Communications Technology


Transforming ordinary chairs into creative works of art

Passer-bys were fascinated by the students' drawings as well

People of all ages and sizes were captivated by the chairs

Shock and awe - a typical reaction at the creativity of our students

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