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It's English lah not Engrish!

The Self Access Fair organised by the Department of Language & Communication & SP Library

Marissa Lim
Oops! Writer
OOPS! - A Singapore Polytechnic publication for students by students
Department of Language and Communication, Singapore Polytechnic

Whoa! The library was already teeming with people when I turned up to cover the Self Access (SA) Fair on October 24. The SA Fair, organized by the Language & Communication Department in conjunction with the Library, was held to introduce the resources available to students who want to improve their English. These resources included workshops, online courses, and self-access worksheets at the SA Centre located at T2126.

Engaging the participants with riddles, quizzes and lucky draws!


Call me a skeptic, but I was thinking in my heart, how interesting can such a fair be? Well, first of all, I was surprised by the crowd that had gathered in front of the library. Secondly, I was astonished to learn that there were more activities in the library: treasure hunts, quizzes, riddles and lucky draws.

English is FUN! Participants enjoying themselves at the different stations


But my skepticism started to waver when I found out that there were attractive prizes to be won, namely food vouchers and thumb drives. All the skepticism evaporated however, when in the name of investigative journalism, I decided to try out the games myself.

Games galore - have you ever been attacked by words before? Yay, I won!


With names such as "Rack Your Brains", "Waazzup", "Book Hunt", "Mind Your Grammar" and "Word Attack", these games tested on grammar, spelling, word formation and riddles. I found out I really sucked at riddles. Fortunately, I got help from fellow participants, and I had never found language games to be this fun.

But you know what sealed it for me? That I was one of the grand prize winners of a 2GB thumb drive in the lucky draw! So there, from skeptic to convert. English is fun, the SA way.


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