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MM students win Pro/E worldwide competition

In October of last year, PTC (Parametric Technology Corporation) invited students from around the world to participate in PTC's Worldwide Student Design Challenge. Students were challenged to create designs using Pro/ENGINEER and Pro/DESKTOP to answer specific design competition challenge questions. Two of our students won prestigious prizes in the PTC Worldwide Design Challenge 2007.

Winner of the 19 and older category and the 'Grand Prize' in Asia Pacific was Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (DME) student, Muhammad Syah Rudin Bin Hussain, with his 'Curb Climbing Wheelchair' design. The project was coached by Mr Peter Lo.

Special winner of the 'Creative Achievement Award' was Diploma in Aeronautical Engineering (DARE) student, Bryan Lim Wee Tian, with his 'The New V-Cutter' design. The project was coached by Mr Leong Teng Boon.

These students competed successfully against other submissions from Asia Pacific, including those from the YanCheng Institute of Technology (China) and the University of Auckland (Australia).

A reception was organised on 16 August 2007 to celebrate our students' achievement. It was attended by the School's management and Pro/E Design Competition organising committee.

Curb Climbing Wheelchair


The New V-Cutter

Muhammad Syah Rudin Bin Hussain


Bryan Lim Wee Tian

Photos of reception for winners held on 16 August 2007


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