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SP launches new diploma in Food Science and Technology

Besides picking up food-processing skills, food safety and handling know-how, students will be encouraged to experiment and create new food products


19-year old Lim Keng Guan seldom cooks at home. When he does, his parents, grandmother and brother are hesitant to try his "creation". But Keng Guan touched his mother"s heart when he brought home his "high-fibre mushroom Lap Cheong" or Chinese sausage for the first time. She pronounced it excellent on first bite. Keng Guan knew he had done his mother proud.

Keng Guan and his classmates Chong Shih Yuen Sheryl and Wong Hon Yue Kenneth from School of Chemical and Life Sciences" Diploma in Chemical Process Technology (Food Technology Option) teamed up with 30-year old local veteran Lap Cheong manufacturer, Golden Glory in a 8-month collaboration to produce high-fibre Chinese sausages; something unheard of in the food industry.

Crazy as it sounds, the newly-created Lap Cheong tastes like the real deal with no unpleasantness associated with some high-fibre products. And with added Japanese shiitake mushrooms, the flavour and texture is even more unique.

This is the second time that SP has collaborated with Golden Glory this year to develop and market healthy sausages. It is expected that 20,000 boxes of the high-fibre sausages would be produced for the Chinese New Year market.

Those who are keen on experimenting with food just like Keng Guan will have a new course to look forward to next year. SP has recently unveiled a new Diploma in Food Science and Technology, which was evolved from the Food Technology Option that was offered since 1972.

The curriculum has been further enhanced to prepare the graduates for the dynamic food industry. Students will be equipped with the latest food-processing skills, food safety and handling know-how.

Find out more about the Diploma in Food Science and Technology.


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