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Discovering the secrets of aeromodelling

Lecturer Mr Toh Ser Khoon shares with MyPaper some tips on how to fly model aeroplanes.

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Discovering the secrets of aeromodelling

Establish a strong foundation before flying the model plane
In this article, EEE senior lecturer Mr. Toh Ser Khoon commented that besides understanding the fundamentals of aerodynamics, proper care must be taken during the making of the plane to ensure a smooth take-off. And if anyone aspires to be a pilot, you'll have to first understand the make-up of a model plane and learn how to manoeuver it.

It is also important to have sufficient space to fly the model plane as it can easily rise up 8 - 10 storeys high. Insufficient space will cause much flying difficulties. For safety reasons, some model planes that are equipped with nitro engines will require a bigger space.

Secrets to a smooth flight
Even though flying a model plane looks easy as compared to flying the real one; crashing a model plane is very common. Mr. Toh commented: "First, you will face difficulty especially during the take-off if you do not understand the correct method of manoevering the controller. Second, you must ensure the parts are assembled correctly to prevent crashing of the plane. He raised 3 points to note during the making of the model plane.

  • Understand the weight of the plane and ensure weight is evenly distributed
  • To avoid disturbance of the plane receiver, tune the frequency of the crystal piece in the controller to match the frequency in the model plane
  • Ensure navigational light is working fine

Playing with model aero planes requires passion and continued learning
Playing with model aeroplanes requires skills. Besides having a professional to guide you, having an interest in flying the model planes is a must.

19 year old Huang Bao Feng, Diploma in Aerospace Electronics student and member of the SP Aerospace Club, relates his model plane flying experience. "I began to understand the aerodynamics and acquired the skills to fly the plane through many crashings. My interest for model planes began after my O-levels, when I embarked on an interesting course about model aeroplanes. I spent an average of 4 hours per day for a month to learn to fly the plane."


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