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SMIT Students Do Their Bit for Singapore

While the rest of us were enjoying the spectacular National Day Parade (NDP) this year, students from SMIT were toiling away behind eight cameras providing live feed for the large screens at Marina Bay and also for the live webcast.

In addition to the live feed, SMIT students, guided by their lecturers, also contributed to NDP 2007 by working on a video documentary on the construction of the floating platform and viewing gallery at Marina Bay as well as another documentary on the making of NDP 2007. These were aired on national television. They also created online games, banners, animation and e-greeting cards for the NDP website.

Student Mark Song, a member of the live feed team shares his experiences here:

Eight years ago in Primary 5, I was offered the chance to attend Singapore's 34th National Day Parade (NDP). As a kid who was more interested in video games than outdoor events, I happily gave it a miss.

For the next seven years, I regretted skipping what is an once-in-a-lifetime chance for many. I was thrilled, then, to hear that a group of Singapore Polytechnic (SP) students had videoed the event live last year. Fast forward one year later and I am pleased to say that I have finally witnessed, experienced and participated in my first National Day Parade.

And what a spectacle it was! From Sheikh Haikel rapping Chan Mali Chan to the Dynamic Defense Display to the Grand Finale and fireworks, this year's NDP had the most innovative marriage of light and sound, fire and water, music and performance I have ever seen!

I guess it all started with a passion that we all shared: to be part of this national event and learn new skills along the way. But through the rehearsals, the effort became much more than just using a camera - it became necessary for us to work together as a team and to support each other when the going got tough. It was especially trying at the start when the stage was bare, the lights static, the costumes non-existent, and the events performed in random order.

Then slowly, the events started getting strung together, and the magic started to weave itself seamlessly through the performances to form NDP '07. Running schoolchildren became fish swimming in the ocean while a taichi formation slowly took on the shape of a man. The transition from rehearsal to the real thing was a beautiful thing to behold, and to me it is as unforgettable as the final event itself.

But behind it all, beyond the sense of accomplishment and national pride, were the lecturers who helped us pull through to the end: Ms Anna Phang, Ms Jennifer Ang and Mr Quek Chee Siong. Without their support, this year's NDP would not have been the same. Hence, I wish to thank them all for their unwavering belief in us and their commitment to making this National Day Parade a resounding success!

It is my belief that every Singaporean, young or old, should attend a National Day Parade at least once in his lifetime - or even better, to participate in one!


NDP Seating Gallery - Top Left

Ong Poh Li, Tan Wei Choon, Yee Cai Ying


NDP Seating Gallery - Top Right

Yip Lai Mun, Chia Hwee Leng Brendon, Mark Song Yiren


NDP Seating Gallery - Bottom Left

Ng Xue Jia, Nelson Chen, Chua Qiu Hui

NDP Seating Gallery - Bottom Centre

Eddy, Liew Jun Long Adrian, Ong Wan Jun


NDP Seating Gallery - Bottom Right

Vincent Kou, Khairul Anwar, Muhammad Hakim Bin Rahim


NDP Floating Platform - Left 1

Grissa Woon, Koh Jiali, Muhammad Afiq Syazani Bin Azman

NDP Floating Platform - Left 2

Shawn Tan Limin, Tan Yu Xiang, Zhao Dan Yao


NDP Floating Platform - Right

Tay Qian Ling, Siraj Munir Bin Abdul Razak, Syazwana Binte Mohammad Halid


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