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SP Alumni Excel at Aussie University

Despite the challenges of studying at a foreign land, SP alumni had achieved outstanding academic results at the University of Queensland (UQ).

Ten Singapore Polytechnic alumni did very well in their Bachelor and Honours programmes, achieving a GPA higher than 6.0. As a result, they received the distinguished honour of the Dean's Commendation for High Achievement. One of recipients was Bachelor of Science undergrad Ms Dian Farziana Mohd Farid, who is also a PSC-MOE scholar.

Name Program
Mr Kang Ping Goh B Information Technology (Hons)
Mr Wai Lik Yong B Science (Hons)
Mr Qi Rui Ong B Science (Hons)
Ms Hui Ping Rhonda Kan B Science (Hons)
Ms Dian Farziana Mohd Farid B Science
Mr Ying Liang Wang B Science
Mr Zhi Liang Kenrick Hor B Engineering
Ms Hui Hui Lee B Science (Hons)
Mr Yin Xiang Setoh B Science
Mr Gregory Meng Cheng Lam B Science



Singapore Polytechnic and UQ congratulates these students and wishes them further success in their studies and a bright career.


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