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SP students turn tastemakers

Healthy gourmet treats Rainbow Rice and Coffee Button score SP students awards at recent Food Product Concept Competition


Rainbow Rice, the creation of three School of Chemical & Life Sciences students, managed to beat out 21 other products to win the Grand Award at the recent Food Product Concept Competition organised by the Singapore Food Manufacturers' association (SFMA).

The judging criteria were based on packaging, sensory appeal, creativity, health considerations, market potential, consumer benefits and overall acceptance.

Ho Cheng Ying, Tay Li Jan & Clement Lim, all second year students from the Diploma in Chemical Process Technology (Food Technology) spent six months of experimentations to create the right nutrient and sensory combination, under the guidance of their sponsor Highlanders International Pte Ltd and lecturers Ms. Jasmine Leong Woon Ying and Mrs Tay Siong Yeh. The students also spent many hours in the SP sensory evaluation lab to do the consumer tests to get the right taste.

The end result? The Highlanders Multigrain Rainbow Rice, touted as the perfect solution to achieve a more wholesome diet for your daily needs.


Another CLS creation, the 3-1 Coffee Button walked away with the Best Market Potential Award. Created by  Helen Lauwy Kadarisman, Wong Lee Ling & Lee Ke Xuan with their sponsor Owl International Pte Ltd, this coffee button is low in calories and is a fusion of 3-in-1 coffee and a candy pellet.


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