The futuristic and high-tech ‘Smart Nation’ vision that Singapore and parts of the world are adopting, will see an increasing integration of different technological systems and change the way we live. In a ‘Smart Nation’, data from interconnected sensors, cameras, transportation systems and healthcare processes can be shared easily and acted upon in real time.

In this first of its kind multi-disciplinary course, you will be equipped with Engineering, Social Science and Management skills. This knowledge will empower you to manage, design and integrate large and complex systems and processes that will help support the vision of a ‘Smart Nation’ as well as multiple industries.

Come join us and help solve the engineering problems of the future.

Course Highlights

  • First and only multi-disciplinary course integrating Engineering, Social Science and Management modules that is aligned with industry requirements of future engineers.
  • First and only engineering course that allows you to discover how theories are applied and connected to your daily life through project work and discussions instead of the usual lessons and workshop sessions.
  • You will be an independent learner having the skills to design, build and integrate complex systems and products with a strong understanding of how users will react and interact with them.
  • Course curriculum is jointly-developed, supported and endorsed by renowned companies and organisations including Olin College of Engineering, IBM, Land Transport Authority (LTA) and SMRT etc.
  • You will undergo a semester long internship or capstone project with local and overseas companies such as IBM, LTA or SMRT.