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Jocelyn Quek - NCSS Scholarship

DHRMP Graduate Awarded NCSS Scholarship

Congratulations to our SP Business School graduate, Jocelyn Quek Yan Jun, for being awarded a scholarship by the National Council of Social Service (NCSS) to specialise in social work and other social service-related disciplines. It is a full scholarship which covers course fees, book allowances and maintenance allowances.

Jocelyn graduated from SP Business School in May 2011 with a Diploma in Human Resource Management with Psychology (DHRMP). Jocelyn chose DHRMP as her first choice of study after her GCE ‘O’ Level examination. Her passion in HR started in her childhood as she followed her mother, a HR practitioner, to work. That was the inspiration behind her studying DHRMP in SP Business School. Jocelyn openly expressed that she had enjoyed the learning journey in the DHRMP course.

Fuelled by her passion, Jocelyn performed very well academically and was one of the top DHRMP graduates for the pioneer cohort. She was also awarded the DHRMP Scholarship during her third year of study in SP Business School.

When asked about her secret to academic success, Jocelyn shared that her strong interest HR motivated her to pay attention in every single lesson during the pursuit of her DHRMP course. The overflowing love and support from her family and friends also propelled her to greater achievements.

As an active student leader, Jocelyn was one of the pioneer members in the DHRMP’s Student Chapter. Together with the President, Ms. Clarine Koh, and the pioneer committee, they started the Student Chapter to provide a networking platform, as well as welfare services for all DHRMP students. Under the guidance of helpful lecturers, Jocelyn and the Student Chapter had organised events such as the HR Day, where all DHRMP students gathered for a day of games, interacting beyond their own cohort.

Jocelyn wished to express her gratitude to all the lecturers who had taught her, guided her, and supported her along the way, even after her graduation from SP. In her words, “Not only have they given me knowledge, they shared their experiences, provided moral support, care and concern. The list is endless: dedicated lecturers, supportive parents and friends. They are the real reasons behind my success.”

“I would like to thank Ms. Juliana Ong who is always ready to help and to ensure students enjoy the lessons. For example, she once asked us to join numbers consecutively from a sheet filled with messy numbers, and she mentioned ahead that the winner would get a prize. From that, we learnt that as HR practitioners, we would have to ensure the rules and results are briefed beforehand to ensure fairness and openness. The fact that I still remember such minor details showed how interesting the lesson had been! Besides teaching, she also provided plenty of advice when I was in the DHRMP Student Chapter. I am greatly inspired by the passion she has in her work as a lecturer.”

She added, “I must say, the lecturers whom I came across during my SP years are all very dedicated. Hence I would also like to show my appreciation to: Mrs. Jacqueline Tan-Thoo, Mrs. Szeto-Pang, Mrs. Loh-Chew Suan Chin, Mrs. Sheila Kee, Mr. Tan Lii Chong, Ms. Christina Chua, Mr. Ben Cho, and Mr. Willy Wong (who has since retired).”

On top of being awarded the DHRMP Scholarship in her third year, Jocelyn and her team participated in the Singapore HR Challenge organized by the Singapore Human Resource Institute (SHRI) in February 2011 and the team emerged as the Champion. She was awarded the Second Best Speaker too.

Upon graduation from DHRMP, Jocelyn applied for a degree programme at the National University of Singapore (NUS), Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. She chanced upon “Social Work” Programme in the brochure and felt that that was an area she would like to explore in her undergraduate study at NUS.

To Jocelyn, there are a lot of similarities between HR and Social Work in that both require a great deal of human touch. Jocelyn shared, “I dream that one day I would be a skillful HR professional, assisting employees and their families facing difficulties. I hope to be able to apply the skills of not just a HR practitioner, but also that of a social worker.”

In Jocelyn, we saw the metamorphosis of a 17 year old ‘O-level’ teenager, maturing into a confident young lady, filled with aspirations and knowledge, ready to take off like a beautiful butterfly, towards a brighter future in her next phase of life. The lecturers in SP wish her all the best in her future endeavours and we look forward to her fulfilling her dream.





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