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SP Mission & Vision

Our Mission

Life Ready. Work Ready. World Ready

A future-ready institution that prepares our learners to be life ready, work ready and world ready.

Our Vision

Inspired Learner. Serve with Mastery. Caring Community

A caring community of inspired learners committed to serve with mastery.

Strategic Goals

We are currently in a conversation with our staff and other stakeholders about developing strategies to turn our new vision into reality. This approach was used to create our new vision and reflects our continuing commitment to co-create the future of SP in an inclusive manner.

Our Core Values

We have identified and adopted six values known as SP CORE values. They are:

  • Self-Discipline
  • Personal Integrity
  • Care & Concern
  • Openness
  • Responsibility
  • Excellence

These values are represented by the acronym SP CORE.

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Our Graduates

Highly competent, innovative and versatile individuals committed to life long learning