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Aces Go Places - Chan Brothers Travel Takes On Top Business School Students

Tourism and Resort Management Students get jobs with leading travel agency immediately after internship.

How often does one get a chance to join an industry leader even before leaving school?  Chan Brothers, one of Singapore’s most famous travel agencies, recently identified two of our students for full time employment even before they completed their studies with us.

Two of our top students, Mr Chong Wen Jie and Ms Jocelyn Wong - both taking a diploma in Tourism and Resort Management - were offered jobs by travel agency Chan Brothers Travel immediately upon completion of their internship.  
According to a spokesperson from Chan Brothers, Wen Jie - an honour roll student - was picked for being a good salesperson. Sze Yee was chosen because of her personality. She is jovial, affable and very good with people.  We wanted to find out more about them, their jobs, etc. So we interviewed them. Here is what they had to say: 

Tell us about yourself:
I’m Chong Wen Jie, age 20, I have a deep passion for travel, and the idea of planning itineraries for my customers never fails to excite me, which was what drew me to the industry initially.
I started work at Chan Brothers on 21st March 2011 and I am a full-time employee here.


Tell us about your work.
Working as a Tour Consultant at Chan Brothers Travel allows me the opportunity to help other travellers make the most of their holiday, and plan their dream vacation.
Being in the Free & Easy Department, I am constantly exposed to the various elements of customized itinerary planning, which broadened my travel knowledge. Job Scope includes customizing itineraries based on customers’ requirements, answering travel enquiries
 My previous attachment at Chan Brothers Travel has further assured me that the tourism industry is the career path that I would like to pursue.


Do you ever find it boring doing the same thing every day?
Working in the travel industry is never boring, as it means meeting new people from time to time. As Tour Consultants, we also have the opportunity to travel to different parts of the world for tour-leading and familiarization trips, visit different cities, and experience interesting cultures of places. It is never a boring job.


Jocelyn, tell us your age, background, and a little about yourself. 


Hi, I am 22, I love travelling to different countries. I enjoy shopping, gatherings with my friends, and just basically chilling out.

I am the youngest in a family of five. I have an elder sister and an elder brother. As there is a big age gap between me and my siblings, I had to study on my own and support myself financially during my polytechnic stint.

It wasn't easy for me from the start. Prior to joining Singapore Polytechnic, I studied in ITE Nitec. At that time many people looked down on ITE students, making fun of its acronym - "Its The End". But I refused to accept that, worked hard and headed to Higher Nitec in ITE College East in Accounting.
I studied hard for another two years and was able to proceed to Singapore Polytechnic for further studies as a result. I was so happy that I was able to be given a chance to prove to everyone that ITE is not the end of your education.

I decided to study "Diploma in Tourism and Resort Management", in Singapore Polytechnic to upgrade myself and to seek further challenges too. Despite all the difficult times I had in the first few years of my school life, I took comfort in the knowledge that my friends were the ones that I could rely on.
I love to go on backpacking holidays. This is part of my love for seeking new challenges. So now I can also plan for backpacking tours with my friends as well!

What is your scope of work in Chan Brothers?

I work in the ‘free and easy’ department and I am able to do my job given all the necessary training provided like in-house training, third party operator training (by companies such as Contiki, Insight Vacations, Trafalgar and RailEurope).

Working in this service line is not easy - there are many tasks each day, such as picking up phone calls, replying to customer enquiries, serving customer queues, creating bookings, doing refunds, following up on bookings and my colleagues' bookings, reserving flights etc. 


When did you start work in Chan Brothers and are you working there on a full time basis?
I started my job here at Chan Brothers on 4rd April 2011. I am a full-time employee. My probation was waived as I began as an intern here.

Will there be travel for you?

While I am not aware of what the company has planned for me, I hope there will be a tour for me to lead sometime soon. I hope to experience what being a tour leader is like and I hope to share my experiences with the tourists too!


News & Announcements

ICAEW Regional Business Challenge 2015

DAC students took part in the first ever ICAEW Regional Business Challenge and walked away as 2nd-Runner-Up!

National Economics and Financial Management Challenge (NEFMC) 2015

The National Economics and Financial Management Challenge (NEFMC) is an annual competition organised by the NUS Economics Society in collaboration with MoneySense.

SP Business School – POSB Marketing Plan Competition 2015

The Finals of the SP Business School – POSB Marketing Plan Competition 2015 was held on 12 August, 6 to 9 pm at MLT 8. Close to 80 guests, staff and students attended the event.

DBID Alumni awarded the NTU College Scholarship

Keriann was part of the pioneer batch of Business Innovation and Design students in SP Business School. Her first steps into DBID were tentative ones, not knowing what to expect of her three years.

DBID – a graduate’s journey

Growing up as a student in Singapore, I’ve always felt more inclined to join design-related courses because of my appreciation for the arts and aesthetics.

Poly's tie-up with RWS gives students an edge in jobs

New programme will offer interns opportunity to work full-time at higher position and pay scale.

DFI Students Make History to be IBF Certified!

Not a single poly student had ever been certified by the Institute of Banking and Finance (IBF) while they are still studying as polytechnic students. But the three 19 year-old SP-DFI students proved the well-meaning doubters wrong.

The Road Less Travelled - From Poly grad to Lee Kuan Yew Gold Medallist

An Interview with Jacqueline Melissa Hongadi Diploma in Human Resource Management with Psychology (2008-2011) Bachelor of Arts in Sociology (Hons I) (2015).

Emmanuel Ho

An interview with our DIB Gold Medallist(Broadway Industrial Group) Mr Emmanuel Ho.

SP Business School + Media

In SP Business School, we have an impressive group with expertise in areas including Entrepreneurship, Human Resource, Marketing, Retail, Advertising and Public Relations. Indeed, the local newspapers and media have always actively seek our lecturers for their professional perspectives, views and opinions. Wouldn’t it be cool to be taught by lecturers who are in touch with the pulse of the industry !

SP Graduates Receive Scholarships at Local Universities

Roshelle Tan Wei Xi and Leong Jie Jun from the Diploma in Tourism and Resort Management are the proud recipients of prestigious scholarships to local universities.

UOB Kay Hian Scholarships 2014

The annual UOB Kay Hian Scholarship presentation ceremony took place on 13th Nov 2014. Fifteen excited scholars made their way to UOB Kay Hian’s office at Anthony Road.

17th Young Entrepreneurship Challenge (YES 2015)

In line with the Government’s call for more young people in Singapore to be involved in entrepreneurship, SP Business School (SB) is pleased to present the 17th edition of our Young Entrepreneurship Challenge, YES 2015, in a new format.

SB Career Fair 2014

30th October 2014 11:00 – 4:00 PM T19 Ground Floor & 1st Floor Podium. Gather information that will aid you in planning your career.

imeanbusiness 2014

SP Business School hosted close to 300 Secondary 3 students at the 4th run of [email protected] held on 15 October. More than 7 schools responded ...

Prestigious DHRMP Scholarships

Promising and outstanding DHRMP students who excel within and beyond the classroom are able to receive recognition through prestigious (bond-free) scholarships offered by two leading organisations - Cerebos Pacific Pte Ltd and Hays Specialist Recruitment Pte Ltd.

DHRMP Magical Night

On 31 October 2014, about 140 students from the Diploma in Human Resource Management with Psychology (DHRMP) participated in a bonding event. Called the “Magical Night” it was organised by our very own DHRMP Student Chapter.

Interviews Live 2014

These were the comments given by Year 3 SP students on our Peer Coaching Programme – “Interviews LIVE”, a second time collaboration between SP Business School and the Student Service Centre.

Finals of Mott's Snapple International Marketing Plan Competition 2014

13 August 2014….it’s the Finals of the SP Business School - Mott’s Snapple International Marketing Plan Competition.

Farewell reception for DBBM students

To celebrate with the first graduating class of Diploma in Business Practice (Business Management), the Couse Management Team organised a farewell dinner buffet on 11 August 2014.

DHRMP Hong Kong Study Trip 2013

40 students from SP’s Diploma in Human Resource Management with Psychology (DHRMP) embarked on an exciting study trip to Hong Kong from 9-14 September 2013.

DBID-MND EDGE Scholarship 2014

For the third year, the Ministry of National Development (MND) conferred on SP Diploma in Business Innovation and Design (DBID) students a 3 year scholarship valued at more than $15,000.

DBID Converses with Roomorama

On July 23rd 2014, students from the Diploma in Business Innovation and Design continued their conversation with innovative industry leaders.

Branding Strategies of Etude House Products in Singapore

On 15th July 2014, close to 90 students from the Diploma in Business Administration and the Diploma in Engineering with Business attended a Talk at MLT 11 on “Branding Strategies of Etude House Products in Singapore”.

2014 Scholarship Recipients

Congratulations to the following 2014 Scholarship Recipients...

DTRM Emotional Intelligence(EI) Cohort Debrief Session

In recent years, there has been increasing concern about the values and emotional health of Singaporeans, particularly in the younger generation...

Site Inspection of Conrad Centennial Singapore

On 16th January 2014, Year 3 students of the Diploma in Tourism and Resort Management had an exclusive opportunity to visit the Conrad Centennial Singapore Hotel.

Great Gradsby 2014

Glitz and glamour was the 1920s. The DTRM Chapter brought back the Roaring Twenties with a grand theme influenced by a well-known book and movie adaptation, The Great Gatsby, for this year’s Graduation Night.

SPSB Enterprise Challenge

Teams pit themselves against each other in an exciting real-time, web-based business game. During the course of the game, participants will have to make strategic decisions based on fluctuating market prices and uncertain market conditions.

YES 2014 Entrepreneurship Challenge

In line with the Government’s call for more young people in Singapore to be involved in entrepreneurship, SP Business School (SB) is pleased to present the 16th edition of our Young Entrepreneurship Challenge, YES 2014, in a new format.

Our Graduates have something to say

During my course of study in Singapore Polytechnic (SP), the Diploma in Business Administration (DBA) has given me numerous opportunities and has allowed me to challenge myself holistically

Our Graduates have more to say

I was from the Diploma in Business Administration, majored in Marketing and Retail options in Year 3.


Two SP Business School teams, “VSA” and “District 3” from the Diploma in Human Resource Management with Psychology (DHRMP) emerged FIRST and THIRD placings (Polytechnic / University Category) of the Singapore HR Challenge 2014 which was held on Sat, 15 February 2014 at MLT 12.

DHRMP Students Recognised at the Excellence Awards 2014

Our congratulations to DHRMP students who were recognised for their efforts in various poly-wide activities!

5th Annual Entrepreneurship Bazaar

SP Business School proudly hosted the 5th Annual Entrepreneurship Bazaar from 6-7 February 2014 at the Auditorium. More than 40 stalls managed by nearly 200 students from SP, Fairfield Methodist Secondary School and Outram Secondary School were set up.

Marketing Plan Competition 2014

12 February 2014 was a big day for the final year Diploma in Business Administration (Marketing Management option) students – it was the finals of the Marketing Plan Competition 2014.

Designing an Interactive Multi-touch Marketing Campaign - by Farid Alias

Mrs Pamela Wigglesworth, Managing Director of Experiential Pte Ltd, presented a talk on the 27th of Jan 2014, entitled ‘Designing an Interactive Multi-touch Marketing Campaign’ which focused on various marketing strategies and the use of social media to engage consumers.

Direct Polytechnic Admission (DPA) students tour the facilities at SP Business School, Friday 7 February 2014

SP Business School hosted 59 students from the Direct Polytechnic Admission (DPA) programme on Friday 7 February 2014.

Peer Coaching Programme 2013 – “Interviews Live”

Year 2 students from the Diploma in Human Resource Management with Psychology (DHRMP) conducted mock interviews, as well as, gave constructive feedback to 28 Year 3 SP students. Called the Peer Coaching programme – “Interviews Live”, it was a first time collaboration between SP Business School and the Student Service Centre.

First-ever Orange Day Strengthens Bonds in SB

Besides bonding through activities, SB staff and students set the record for formation of the largest orange circle.

i [email protected] Business 2013

SP Business School hosted about 230 Secondary 3 students at its third run of i [email protected] Business on 16 October. The half day event was filled with both course-related activities as well as fun hands-on activities.

Joy Tan - Another PSC Scholar

SB graduate, Joy Tan, was awarded the Public Service Commission (PSC) Scholarship and will be pursuing a degree in the prestigious University of Manchester, UK.

SP Business School Graduate Wins Scholarship To Study Masters At Cambridge University

Serene Koh, our Business School Graduate, receives a prestigious scholarship from the Monetary Authority of Singapore to pursue a Master of Finance at Cambridge University.


7 August 2013, 3pm....The moment of truth for the final year Diploma in Business Administration (Marketing Management option) students arrived when after months of hard work, the students pitched their marketing plan proposals to Network for Electronic Transfers Singapore Pte Ltd (NETS).

Parents' Forum 7 Sept 2013

7 Sep 2013 – that was the date of the Parents’ Forum, organised by SP. Talks and Q+A sessions at SP Auditorium enlightened parents and their children of SP’s academic programmes and the great possibilities/aspirations and potentials paved by the “SP journey”.


Participating in the SP NETS Marketing competition has given me invaluable insights and priceless opportunities. I have gained a real-life, authentic working experience that has benefitted and enriched me greatly.

15 years of Young Entrepreneurship Challenges!

The Singapore Polytechnic Convention Centre was bustling with excitement when 223 secondary school students island wide and 86 Diploma in Business Administration and Diploma in Business with Engineering 1st year students came together to participate in the 15th Young Entrepreneurship Challenge (YES) hosted by SP Business School on 4th and 5th June 2013.

SPRING Executive Development Scholarship Award Ceremony

Our heartiest congratulations to Dennis Teo Jun Wei, our DAC Alumni, for being awarded the SPRING-GREENPAC Singapore Executive Development Scholarship 2013.

Congratulations to our current SP scholars

Their academic results place them at the top 10% of their cohort, with an aggregate of ELR2B2 of not more than 12 points. Besides academic results, they must have also participated in their CCA, obtaining at least a Bronze. To be eligible, the students must be Singapore citizens or permanent residents, and are of good character.

“A Retail and Marketing Affair” Talk

DATE: 10 July 2013, Wed, 3:15 – 5pm Venue: MLT8, SINGAPORE POLYTECHNIC

A Kaleidoscope of Colours: SP’s Direct Polytechnic Admission Programme

The Direct Polytechnic Admission (DPA) Programme in Singapore Polytechnic (SP) allows Singapore Polytechnic flexibility to select students on criteria other than GCE 'O'-Level results, thus allowing a wider range of talents to be recognised.

SP Siblings

Within the various SP Schools, there’s a strong presence of students with siblings in the same school. They have sat through the same classes, eaten in the same food courts and studied under the same lecturers. Some make the choice to study here together, while others tell all they know to their younger siblings and let them make their own choice.

Entrepreneurship Bazaar 2013

The annual SP Business School Entrepreneur Bazaar was held on the 6th & 7th February, 2013. This annual event is an opportunity for many SP students to showcase their selling skills at the hub of Singapore Polytechnic.

Southeast Asia(Sentosa)’s First 4Dimensional Theatre Marketing Plan Competition

Everyone is a winner at the SP Business School - Sentosa 4D Magix Marketing Plan Competition 2013.

Entrepreneurship at SP - where starting a business becomes a reality

Seven years ago, to meet a rising demand for local entrepreneurs, Singapore Polytechnic’s (SP) Business School introduced the Entrepreneurship Option to third-year students taking the Diploma in Business Administration programme.

Direct Polytechnic Admission (DPA) Enrichment Programme at SP Business School

SP Business School hosted 23 students from the Direct Polytechnic Admission (DPA) programme on Wednesday 6 March for a few hours of fun and learning.

Bowling Fiesta

The committee members of SB Entrepreneurial Leadership Club (ELC) held their finale event – Bowling Fiesta at West Bowl, Clementi on 16 January 2013.

Tony Yeoh - SPRING Executive Development Scholarship

Congratulations to our Diploma in Tourism & Resort Management graduate Tony Yeoh, who is the proud recipient of the SPRING Executive Development Scholarship!

Yuen Tong Ri - Raffles City Hotels (Swissotel/Fairmont) Scholarship

Tong Ri, a graduate of the pioneer batch of the Diploma in Tourism & Resort Management (DTRM) course was recently awarded the Raffles City Hotels (Swissotel/Fairmont) Scholarship for his studies in the Bachelor of Science degree course in Hotel Administration at UNLV – Singapore.

Clinton Ong - Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) Scholarship

Clinton Ong graduated from Singapore Polytechnic in 2010 with a Diploma in Business Administration(Marketing Management Option). He will be pursuing a Bachelor of Laws at University College London (UCL), UK under the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) Scholarship.

Students clinch Dairy Farm Scholarship

Lim Xing Yi and Rachel Soon Mun Ee, both students undertaking the Diploma in Business Administration (DBA) are the proud recipients of the Dairy Farm Scholarships which are merit-based awards awarded by the Dairy Farm Singapore Group

DBA graduate now an NTU ASEAN Scholar

Lee Qi Ni, a Diploma in Business Administration (DBA) graduate (Class of 2012) recounted her memorable journey with SP Business School.

DBID’s own GENE PNG represents Singapore at The US-ASEAN YOUNG LEADERS SUMMIT 2012

In Dec 2012, Gene embarked on the US-ASEAN Young Leaders Summit 2012 that was held in Jakarta, Indonesia and initiated by Secretary Clinton of the United States.

SP Business School Career Fair on 24 October 2012

Students flocked to the SB Career Fair 2012 to meet with prospective employers and listened to talks on career opportunities available to them after graduation.

SB Community Service Day 2012

As part of the SB Community Service Day, 30 staff and students from SP Business School volunteered at the Highpoint Community Services Association (HCSA).

Another afternoon of delight at SP Business School with [email protected]!

The second run of SP Business School’s event, [email protected], was held on Tuesday 16 October.

Reflections from the Japan Credit Transfer Program (6 Sep - 6 Oct 2012)

Contributed by: Vinni Goh Mei Xiang, Ng Zhen Yuan, Maybelline Lim & Marcus Keck (DBF year 2)

Cold winters, cold springs and cold summers but a “warm” experience in Finland

KHOO KIAN KOON of DTRM/FT/3A/03 shares his insights

SB Career Fair 2012

Listen to distinguished guest speakers from industry offering advice on Career Planning and more!

Invitation to “EQ & Psychology for HRM” workshop on 14th November 2012

This workshop seeks to provide a fun-filled interactive experience for Secondary School students to find out more about the Diploma in Human Resource Management with Psychology (DHRMP) as well as our learning environment.

SP Design Thinking in Action

Two teams of SP students, one from the Business School and the other from the School of Design, were given the opportunity to work on a Design Thinking project sponsored by OCBC Bank, the leading local bank.

DTRM Local Internship with Events Company (Experia Events)

Singapore International Water Week/ World Citites Summit/ Clean Enviro Summit 2012

DTRM Internship at Universal Studio, Resorts World Sentosa

By: Melanie Tay DTRM/FT/2A/01

Bugis Street Marketing Plan Competition 2012

1st August 2012 - This was the day when three teams from the 3rd year cohort of the Diploma in Business Administration, specialising in Marketing Management, emerged as finalists in the SP Business School - Bugis Street Marketing Competition 2012.

All the world is a classroom

Our students at SP Business School are certainly going places!

SP Business School’s Award Winning Lecturers – They Go The Extra Mile!

At SP Business School, our lecturers go the extra mile. We are proud to feature two lecturers from SP Business School, Han Lih Lih and Ken Kwan, who are the proud recipients of Koh Boon Hwee award.

Success Story of a SP Business School Graduate

Dominic Chew graduated from SP Business School with the Diploma in Business Administration (Marketing) with Merit in 1993. His foundation in SP gave him the edge to graduate from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University with a Bachelor of Business with Distinction, and from the University of Strathclyde with a post-graduate Diploma in International Marketing.

Mandy Wong - OCBC Scholarship

Congratulations to DHRMP (Diploma in Human Resource Management with Psychology) graduate, Mandy Wong Sin Mun, for being awarded the OCBC Scholarship. Mandy will be studying Business Administration with NUS.

Future China Global Forum 2012

Our very own DIB students participated for the first time in the prestigious Future China Global Forum 2012 on July 9th and 10th. This year, it was held at Shangri La Hotel, Singapore.

Jessica Lee wins a Nanyang Scholarhip to do a double degree in Accountancy and Business at the Nanyang Technological University

Jessica Lee, who topped the Diploma in Accountancy cohort in 2012 was awarded a Nanyang Scholarship from the Nanyang Technological University to do double degree in Accountancy and Business.

Introduction to Forex Trading Workshop 2012

On 21st June, a group of secondary school teachers spent the afternoon at SP Business School to learn the art and science of forex trading.

Youth Entrepreneurs Competition 2012

The Youth Entrepreneurs Competition aims to instill lateral thinking in our young and to turn challenges into opportunities. Our SP team emerged as winner of “Best in Digital Marketing & Social Media” and “1st Runner Up” for overall.

YES 2012

The Singapore Polytechnic Business School has hosted the 14th Young Entrepreneurship Challenge (YES) 2012. This year’s theme was Designing Business for Social Good.

SP Experience (SPX) Rocks

SP Business School hosted 100 secondary school students to an SP Experience (SPX) on Tuesday 5 June where students had a choice two workshops: EQ and Psychology and the workshop on Hospitality and Service Quality.

NTU Valedictorian Once Rejected by 4 Polys

Mr Yuliyanto, graduated with first-class honours and has also been nominated as a valedictorian of NTU's Nanyang Business School despite once being rejected by 4 polys.

OSIP in Vietnam

During the March holidays, our students embarked on a journey to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam and collaborated with four Vietnamese colleges for their Overseas Social Innovation Project (OSIP).

The 3 Years That Changed My Life

Excitement filled the hearts of the twenty of us from SP Business School who were ready for our Overseas Internship Training Program (OITP) at Suzhou and Shanghai in March-April 2012.

Thank you SP! For giving us an once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Excitement filled the hearts of the twenty of us from SP Business School who were ready for our Overseas Internship Training Program (OITP) at Suzhou and Shanghai in March-April 2012.

Jocelyn Quek - NCSS Scholarship

Jocelyn Quek Yan Jun for being awarded a scholarship by the National Council of Social Service (NCSS) to specialise in social work and other social service-related disciplines.

Introducing EQ @ Singapore Poly

Six Seconds introduced the first EQ Certification for tertiary education in the SEA Region on 23 March 2012 with a pioneering program in the Singapore Polytechnic Business School.

2011/12 Challenger Scholarship

Congratulations to our Challenger Scholarship recipients for AY2011/12! Challenger has for 3 years in a row, kindly sponsored these awards.

AirAsia Marketing Plan Competition 2012

About 130 students and guests attended the Finals of the AirAsia Marketing Plan Competition 2012

SB Achievers' Function 2012

The annual SB Achievers’ Function was held on 28th January 2012 at the Singapore Polytechnic Auditorium.

Integrated Accounting Practice Seminar

A group of about 60 students from Diploma in Accountancy gathered together on 1st February 2012 to celebrate the completion of their yearlong project.

Bringing JOY to DHRMP students

SP Business School team, “Joy”, comprising 4 students from DHRMP emerged First Runner-Up (Polytechnic category) at the Singapore HR Challenge 2012.

The Harvard Model United Nations Conference 2012

5 students from the Singapore Polytechnic Outstanding Talent (SPOT) programme set off to attend the Harvard Model United Nations Conference (HMUN) 2012 at Boston, Massachusetts.

Annual Entrepreneurship Bazaar 2012

The Annual Entrepreneurship Bazaar was held on 2nd and 3rd February 2012, at the Singapore Polytechnic Convention Centre (SPCC).

Moving Closer To Her Dream

A bond-free scholarship from NTU gives Ms Kareen Thian the flexibility to choose her career path after she graduates

Be part of an SP APEX Programme

The Diploma in Business Innovation and Design is an SP Apex programme. All students admitted to this course will enjoy special opportunities.

E-book learning in Class Room using I-Pads

During the week 21st November to 25th November 2011, 5 classes participated in e-book learning on Principles of Accounting in the class room using I-Pads.