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AMTC engages in translational R&D in specialty chemicals / functional materials / paints and coating / skin biology & formulation science / green building materials / materials recycling.





Dr Jiang Jianping, Dr Yin Xijiang and Mr Lu Jianhong, have been awarded the Institution of Engineers (IES) Singapore Prestigious Engineering Achievement Award 2014.

This IES award recognises engineering achievements that demonstrate outstanding engineering skills which have made a significant contribution to the engineering progress and the quality of life in Singapore.

Dr Jiang, Dr Yin and Mr Lu, as part of their research  successfully developed and patented a water-based pore blocker, which reduces leaching of precious metals by quickly forming an ultra-thin protective coat within a few seconds.  This patent has been licensed to a spin-off company.   

This home-grown green technology was seeded through SP’s Idea Fund, and blossomed with further support from SP’s R&D funds.

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AMTC Structure

The Advanced Materials Technology Centre (AMTC) Structure and key members.


The Advanced Materials Technology Centre (AMTC) is equipped with the state-of-art research facilities.


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