Advanced Diploma in Food Technology




The Advanced Diploma in Food Technology (AFT) Course is a two-year part-time evenings-only course conducted at the Singapore Polytechnic by the School of Chemical and Life Sciences.


Students are expected to have access to computer and internet during your study at SP eg. e-learning, writing report, etc.


Course Objectives


This course aims to upgrade the knowledge and skills of professionals in the areas of food science and technology with an emphasis on food safety and food product innovation. The modules have been carefully selected to equip students with scientific knowledge and technical skills that are in line with current advancements in the field of food science and technology.


Students are expected to have access to computer and internet during your study at SP eg. e-learning, writing report, etc.


Suitable for


Diploma or degree graduates who wish to pursue an Advanced Diploma in food science and technology or professionals from the food industry who wish to upgrade or refresh their skills as well as individuals who wish to endeavor a different area of expertise etc.



Minimum Entry Requirements

A Polytechnic Diploma in Applied or Health Science; Diploma in Food Science and Technology or equivalent; Diploma in Biotechnology or Biomedical Science; Bachelor Degree in Chemistry or Sciences.

Those with relevant and substantial working experience are also eligible to apply.

Course Outline


The curriculum is divided into two themes: Food Safety and Food Product Innovation. Each theme comprises six modules (two Post Diploma Certificates or PDCs) to be taught over a period of one year.

 Students have to complete all 12 modules (4 PDCs) in these two themes and a project which will be undertaken in the second year of study in order to be awarded with an Advanced Diploma in Food Technology.


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This course consists of 4 post diploma certificates (PDCs). Each PDC comprises a few modules and the details are as follows:
Year 1 - Semester One
PDC 1 Certificate in Food Safety I
Module 1 – CP0516 Applied Food Chemistry
Module 2 – CP0517 Food Processing
Module 3 – CP0518 Applied Food Microbiology


Year 1 - Semester Two
PDC 2 Certificate in Food Safety II
Module 4 – CP0519 Food Analysis
Module 5 – CP0520 Food Quality Management
Module 6 – CP0521 Food Bioengineering


Year 2 - Semester One
PDC 3 Certificate in Food Product Innovation I
Module 7 – CP0506 Food Product Development
Module 8 – CP0514 Food Ingredients
Module 9 – CP0524 Food Marketing and Project Management
Module 10 – CP002 YZ Final Year Project (Part I)


Year 2 - Semester Two
PDC 4 Certificate in Food Product Innovation II

Module 11 – CP0522 Nutrition and Metabolism
Module 12 – CP0523 Food Packaging Technology
Module 13 – BA5204 Supply Chain Management
Module 14 – CP002 YZ Final Year Project (Part II)




Award / Certification / Accreditation

Upon completion of four Certificates within a four-year validity period, the participant will be conferred an Advanced Diploma qualification from Singapore Polytechnic.


Course Fee


Advanced Diploma in Food Technology
Post Diploma Certificates (PDC)

Singapore Citizens Below the age of 40

Singapore Citizens Aged 40 and above Singapore PR Enhanced Training Support for SME scheme Workfare Training Support Scheme
Certificate in Food Safety I $308.16 $205.44  $821.76  $212.16  $116.16
Certificate in Food Safety II $308.16 $205.44  $821.76  $212.16  $116.16
Certificate in Food Product Innovation I $308.16 $205.44  $821.76  $212.16  $116.16
Certificate in Food Product Innovation II $308.16 $205.44  $821.76  $212.16  $116.16
Final Year Project (Part I & II) $136.43   $90.95  $363.80  $93.93  $51.43
Total Course Fees: $1,369.07 $912.71  $3,650.84  $942.57  $516.07


Other Fees Payable:

Fee Description Per semester (after GST)
Singapore Citizens Singapore PR and others
Examination Fee - $16.05
Miscellaneous Fee $7.49 $7.49
Statutory Licence Fee (CLASS) $0.94 $0.94
Total $8.43 $24.48

- The fees shown (inclusive of 7% GST) are indicative as they are based on prevailing funding policies and subject to review.

- Post Diploma Module Certificate fee is payable on a semester basis.

- Part-Time Diploma or Post Diploma course participants who submit the withdrawal notification 2 weeks before course commencement, an administrative fee of $50 (before GST) would be levied.



Terms and Conditions

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Registration opening date:

Registration Closing Date:

Course Commencement:

Class Schedule:

3-4 evenings a week
6:30pm - 9:30pm

600 hours (2 years)


PDCs to start with:


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For course specific details, please contact the course manager:

Name: Ting Heng Luan (Mr)

Email: [email protected]