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Designing Business. Defining Tomorrow

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Designing Business. Defining Tomorrow


If there’s one job that stays in demand regardless of economic conditions, it would have to be accounting. No business can thrive without a team of competent accounting and finance professionals.

At the Diploma in Accountancy (DAC) course, you will learn that accounting is not just about “number crunching”. It involves understanding crucial financial information and economic behaviours that enable you to envision fresh business solutions for organisations. It is also the foundation for a wide variet y of roles in areas such as Taxation, Corporate Finance, and Business Development. The DAC helps you toacquire both critical and creative thinking skills; develop leadership skill s and global business perspectives; and build a strong sense of socia l responsibility.

SP was also the first institution to train accountants in Singapore, and many of our graduates have become partners in international accounting firms, Chief Executive Officers and Directors of multinationalcompanies. Seize the opportunity. Invest in your future in accountancy.

Course Highlights

  • An edge in people skills with emotional intelligence infused into DAC curriculum
  • Opportunity to stretch your potential through our DAC mini APEX
  • Programme, known as the Leadership Exploration and Development (LEAD) Programme
  • Generous credit exemptions from professional accounting and Universities
  • Hands-on experiential learning opportunities in the new Accounting Collaboration Studio
  • Excellent overseas exposure via study trips and overseas immersion programmes in countries like Australia, Indonesia and China
  • Internship opportunities at reputable companies for exposure to various aspects of accounting, auditing and finance
  • Option to be awarded the CIMA Diploma / Advanced Diploma in Management Accounting, allowing you start working on your professional qualifications while still in school
  • Opportunity to apply technical skills acquired to contribute to community

Why I love SP-DAC



Building your Future with F Cube: Fun, Friends, Food at SP DAC



Why you should choose the field of accountancy?


Pursuing a diploma in accountancy is the first step you can take towards becoming a professional or Singapore Chartered Accountant (CA).


This qualification can offer you good job stability, and open the doors to a wide range of career options, in many diversified fields such as accounting, auditing, banking, finance and taxation.

You can look forward to excellent job prospects good starting salaries and fast career progressions, with the strong technical skills that you will acquire when you take up this diploma course.



Why you should choose SP-DAC?


The focus of the SP-DAC course is to train you to become an accounting professional. On top of the technical accounting skills, we focus on giving you that extra edge by infusing design thinking and emotional intelligence skills into the curriculum.


SP-DAC offers a well-established and widely recognised qualification: 

The SP-DAC Curriculum is academically rigorous, and specially designed to train technically competent young accountants of the future. We receive the most credit exemptions from professional accounting bodies like the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA), and various universities, due to our excellent academic curriculum.

SP-DAC has a Flexible Curriculum: 

We recognise that students have a variety of interests, and the SP-DAC curriculum offers flexibility to suit the interests of different students. We offer a basket of electives in your final year of study, in the following areas:


 • Integrated Accounting Practice

 • Finance

 • International Business

 • Information Technology


SP-DAC has strong Partnerships with Industry and Professional Bodies:  


We have a strong network of industry and professional partners. To allow you to gain more practical hands-on training, you will have the chance to do your industrial attachment with one of our strategic industry partners, which include the Big 4 audit firms, large local accounting firms, the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore and many reputable multi-national companies. You will also have a chance to go overseas for industrial attachment. We work closely with professional bodies like the Institute of Institute of Chartered Accountants Singapore(ISCA), the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA), the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) and the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA). Our graduations prizes are sponsored by all the Big 4 audit firms, and the professional accounting bodies.


SP-DAC give you Opportunities to Stretch Yourself: 


You will have a chance to take up elective/advanced modules such as getting involved in doing feasibility studies on commercialising some of the new SP inventions, and in going for overseas immersion programs in China and US. 

SP-DAC is offering a scholarship program Leadership Exploration and Development (LEAD) program for us to groom outstanding students to maximise their potential.

You can also build up your confidence and initiative through organising DAC Chapter activities, like local and overseas community service projects, camps and other events.


You can also get a double certification by taking the Diploma-Plus programs in the following:


Certificate in Applied Psychology
Certificate in Humanitarian Affairs
Certificate in Design Thinking
Certificate in Software Programming and Application


SP-DAC offers F Cube: Fun, Friends Food and Convenience


We have a new Accounting Collaboration Studio that will allow you to have fun, whilst learning the soft skills on communicating with clients, in applying your technical knowledge. You will have lots of fun yet learn the important skills through simulated role plays to prepare you will skills needed to excel.


So what is SP-DAC?


1- A place where you can have fun whilst learning


2- A place where you have MRT at your doorstep, range of yummy food to choose


3- A place that gives you overseas exposure



4- A place with lots of great friendships and caring lecturers



What are you waiting for?


Come join us and invest in 3 years of F Cube whilst building your future.






"The experience in DAC/SB has instilled in me business principles, patience and confidence. I am now ready to pursue my dreams, and live the future I have always imagined. It has certainly been one of the best three years of my life."

- Kareen Thian Pei Yee (DAC graduate, Class of 2011, NTU Scholar, LKY Step Award Recipient 2011, Model student of the Year, 2011)

"My experience in Singapore Polytechnic has been a very rewarding one in that we are not only learning the basic concepts, fundamental theories as well as methodologies incorporated in business world, but also we are given real life examples to apply those lessons that we have learned in the campus. What I find most rewarding is that my education in Singapore Polytechnic has significantly helped me in achieving a scholarship and top scores in Nanyang Business School (NTU). Singapore Polytechnic is my key to success."

-Iwan Yulianto (DAC Top Graduate, Class of 2009, President of Nanyang Business School Exchange Club)


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