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The banking and finance sector is a major driving force of the Singapore economy and SP’s Diploma in Banking and Finance (DBKF) course will prepare you for a promising future.

We are the premier Banking and Finance course with the largest intake and most number of graduates out in the industry. We offer knowledge and skills to launch you into the dynamic and challenging world of banking and finance.

This well-established course provides practical training, modern facilities and an excellent curriculum that is closely related to professional practice and highly industry relevant to give you a head start. You will receive a quality educational programme that is specialised, yet broad-based and highly recognised by the industry and many universities and professional bodies.

We are the first banking and finance diploma offered among the polytechnics.

Course Highlights
  • Rigorous and relevant curriculum with specialisation in either Banking or Financial Trading to give you a head start in work or further studies
  • Hands-on and value-added learning – simulated financial trading (UOB Kay Hian – SP Dealing Centre), client projects, 3-month internship, study trips, workshops, and competitions
  • Core industry competencies, essential soft skills (critical thinking, resilience and integrity) and sound values for a successful career
  • Opportunities to develop capabilities in many ways – advanced modules, diploma-plus certificate programmes, multi-disciplinary projects, social innovation projects, and personal development programmes
  • Highly recognised by leading financial institutions, reputable universities and professional bodies
  • Build and grow your network and contacts with industry professionals and practitioners as well as DBKF alumni family


Why Banking & Finance @ SP Business School?


We are the only Banking & Finance course offering two options:

  • Banking
  • Financial Trading

The DBKF course equips you with the required knowledge and skills for work as executives/market practitioners in the banking and finance industry. Besides, you also learn essential business skills such as integrative problem solving and analytical skills, IT and communication skills as well as critical industry soft skills and sound values for work. You get opportunities to develop your full potential in many ways through additional programmes like Advanced Modules, Diploma-Plus Certificate Programmes and Multi-Disciplinary Projects.

Studies aside, you will have opportunities to enhance your leadership skills, resilience and the ability to work effectively in a team through student activities by leading, planning and organising competitions, professional and social events that benefit the student community.


Graduates from this course receive generous advanced standing from reputable foreign universities and module exemptions from local universities. We prepare our graduates for the Capital Markets and Financial Advisory Services (CMFAS) Examination in line with the licensing framework under the Securities and Futures Act and the Financial Advisers Act. Our Banking students are prepared for the Associate Financial Planner certification. You can also pursue professional certifications offered by institutions such as the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW), and Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment (CISI), etc.   

To broaden your frontiers and build business and personal networks, you will have the opportunity to visit financial institutions/companies, interact with and learn from industry practitioners, participate in overseas study trips, join credit transfer programme, attend workshops and seminars, and participate in community service projects.

Our students also take part in tertiary and national financial competitions as well as business strategy competitions, gaining the reputation of being the best traders and strategists.




For internship, you will be attached to local regulatory bodies (eg MAS, SGX), leading international and local banks and financial institutions (eg Citibank, DBS Bank, HSBC, ICAP, OCBC, UOB, Bank of China) and relevant companies.

Our graduates are highly in demand by global and local financial institutions such as Barclays, Citibank, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, DBS Bank, OCBC, UOB, Daiwa Securities, DMG & Partners, Singapore Exchange and UBS.

Our graduates are accepted by reputable local and overseas universities. Many have been awarded university and company scholarships. Our outstanding graduates received 1st class honours and its equivalent from universities such as London School of Economics, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore Management University and University of Lancaster.

Benefit from our large and established alumni network in the industry. Join us to realise your full potential and broaden your perspectives!




Our Facilities: UOB Kay Hian-SP Dealing Centre


Here is a list of competitions that we have done well in:


2014: High Distinction (National Economics & Financial Management Challenge)
2013: Third (National Management Competition)
2012: First (National Management Competition)
2011: First (National Management Competition)
  Second, Fourth & Fifth (Citibank Foreign Exchange Challenge 2011)
2010: First (National Management Competition)
  Second (Asian Management Game in Hong Kong)
2009: First, Second & Third (National Management Competition)
  Fourth (Asian Management Game in Chennai India)
  Third (Citibank Foreign Exchange Challenge 2009)
2008: First & Third (National Management Competition)
  Second (Asian Management Game in Hong Kong)
  Third (Citibank Foreign Exchange Challenge 2008)
2007: First, Second & Third (National Management Competition)
2006: First (National Management Competition)
  Third (Asian Management Game in Macau)
2005: First, Second & Third (National Management Competition)
  First (NTUC Income Entrepreneur Challenge)
2004: First (National Management Competition)
  First (National Cooperative Federation Business Simulation Game)
  First, Second & Third (SGX-NTU Financial Futures Game)
2003: First, Second & Third (SGX-NTU Financial Futures Game)
2002: First, Second & Third (SGX-NTU Financial Futures Game)
  First (SGX-NTU Stock Exchange Game)
2001: Second & Third (SGX-NTU Financial Futures Game)
2000: Third, Fourth & Fifth (CNA Millenium Investment Game)
  First & Second (CNA Million Dollar Game)
  First & Second (SGX-NTU Financial Futures Game)
1999: Second (SGX-NTU Financial Futures Game)
1998: First & Second (Simex Challenge III)
  First & Third (Aiesec Financial Futures Game)
1997: First, Second & Third (Aiesec Financial Futures Game)
1996: First & Second (Simex Challenge II)
  First, Second & Third (Aiesec Financial Futures Game)
1995: Second (Aiesec Financial Futures Game)
1994: First & Second (Simex Challenge I)
1993: First, Second & Third (Aiesec Financial Futures Game)
1992: First & Second (Aiesec Financial Futures Game)
1991: First (Aiesec Financial Futures Game)
1990: Fourth & Fifth (Aiesec Financial Futures Game)
1989: First (Aiesec Financial Futures Game)



Our Graduates

"The Diploma in Banking and Finance is the perfect example of the diversity and depth of financial markets. The course covers a spectrum of subjects in business and finance, laying a strong and solid foundation for me. The heavy emphasis on practical application and depth in the curriculum has also aided me strongly in my 12-week internship with HSBC Insurance. With lecturers who constantly push me out of my comfort zone, I go further, become mentally stronger and achieve much more than I’ve ever imagined."

Edward Ho, Course Medalist & Model Student Winner 2014


"SP's Banking and Finance course was one of my best choices thus far. Here, I was offered just the right amount of everything from strong fundamentals to practical skills, market insights, hands-on experiences and many more. I was presented with the opportunity to explore the different aspects of the financial markets and I am grateful for that. This was the time to explore, and the course's strong hands-on culture, gave me the liberty to do so."

Ms Diah Fawnia, Top Banking & Finance graduate 2011


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