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The SP Business School Club or SB Club in short, is a student-run body that looks after the welfare of SB students during their time here. The club is managed by 15 committed SB students, with help from student facilitators.


All SP Business School students automatically qualify for membership to SB Club, and with it, the opportunity to participate in various fun and engaging activities.



Freshman Orientation Camp


The annual Freshman Orientation Camp serves as a prelude to the Freshman Orientation Programme. Traditionally, about 200 new SB students attend this 3-day 2-night camp packed with fun-filled activities.



Freshman Orientation Programme


The Freshman Orientation Programme is compulsory for all new SB students and is held right before the first week of school.


During this period, about 1,000 new SB students will be introduced poly life, forge bonds that last way after their 3 years in SP, and take part in the Presidents’ Challenge Flag Day – an event that more often than not sees SP Business School amongst the top collectors in SP!



SB Chantez et Danse/SB Spotlight

Held annually, SB Spotlight serves as a platform for SB students to showcase their musical talents and is Singapore Polytechnic Business School’s answer to the American Idol. SB Spotlight is one of the highlights of the academic year organised by the SP Business School Club. Hence, the large number of students attracted to the event is not in the least surprising.


This competition is broken down into English and Chinese categories.  SB Spotlight pits the best of SB’s singing talents against one another for the chance to win the coveted title of SP Business School’s newest singing sensation.


The final round from 2010 was very competitive, attracting supporters and spectators from not only SB, but from other schools in Singapore Polytechnic as well. Selynna Norhisham and Zhao Yi clinched the top position for the English and Chinese Category respectively for SB Spotlight 2010. We would also like to congratulate all the finalists for making it into the final round and thank them for giving the audience such a wonderful show and leaving all of us mesmerized with their melodious voices.


For this year, we will be adding a new dance category to the competition. So to all those SB students out there who have the passion to sing or to dance, come join this year’s “SB Chantez et Danse” which will be held this upcoming July. Winners from the singing categories will also be given the honour and opportunity of representing SP Business School in the SP wide singing competition SP STAR.

So what you are all waiting, waste no time and sign up to participate in “SB Chantez et Danse”! All the world’s a stage so go out there and SHINE!



SB Sports Fiesta


SP Business School focuses not only on academic excellence but also the welfare of each and every student, as a healthy student is a happy student. Hence, great emphasis is placed on sports. Organised annually, Sports Fiesta is very well-received by the students and the response is usually overwhelming. It provides students across all 3 years of studies and all 7 diplomas in SB, the opportunity to build bonds and make more friends through fun and competition.


Sports Fiesta comprises of different sports categories such as Captain’s Ball, Volleyball, Street Soccer, Basketball and many more. Friendly competitions among students from different courses and classes not only help the students to enlarge their social circle of friends but also give them the chance to practice good sportsmanship.


For this academic year, SB Sports Fiesta will be held in August 2011. There will be attractive prizes to be won and CCA points will be given out to all participants. To all the SB students out there who just can’t wait to sweat it out and have fun with your friends, SB Sports Fiesta is definitely one event you can’t miss out!


Annual Graduation Ball


The swansong for all final year SP Business School students – a night out where students dress up in their regal best and party the night away!


Many other events are held throughout the year and seek to provide all SB students with a well-rounded education encompassing leadership skills and community service!













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SP Business School students tackle raft building during leadership activities...

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A large turnout during Freshman Orientation Camp

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