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Discover the mysterious and captivating properties of chemicals, drugs and materials through an exciting application-based journey with us. The Diploma in Applied Chemistry (DAPC) is the first diploma in Singapore to focus on building a strong foundation in chemistry which provides you the versatility to work in various chemistry-related sectors.


The DAPC course provides the learning environment for you to conduct research on, synthesise and test new chemicals, drugs and materials. By the end of the course, you will be able to solve problems independently and experience what it is like to work at the frontiers of investigative chemistry.


Through a specially developed progressive learning strategy, you will be imparted with knowledge acquisition skills on fundamental Chemistry principles during your first year. In the second year, you are equipped with the skills to perform chemical investigations and interpretation of results using real-life situations. During your third year, you will be able to develop and optimise new products or methods to improve lives, igniting your creativity skills.

Upon graduation, you will be ready to contribute to the chemical, pharmaceutical and materials-related industry or further your studies in tertiary institutions.


Course Highlights


Science that improves lives

"There was always something new to learn each day. The experiments were thought-provoking, fascinating and meaningful to life. Throughout the learning journey, I have learnt to push my own limits in my studies and not to give up easily."


Pek Jun Rong
Applied Chemistry with Pharmaceutical Science Course Gold Medallist 2016
Megachem Gold Medal recipient


Science that innovates for better living

"Before enrolling into SP, I used to be reserved and often shied away from interacting with others. My time spent in SP has equipped me with the interpersonal skills, and I have since opened up and taken the initiative to take on roles that require me to be more active and interact with people. I was also given the opportunity to lead in projects which helped develop my leadership and management abilities.”


Ariel Novrianto Afandy
Materials Science Course Medallist 2016
Institute of Materials (East Asia) Gold Medal recipient


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