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Discover the mysterious and captivating properties of chemicals, drugs and materials through an exciting application-based journey with us. The Diploma in Applied Chemistry (DAPC) is the first diploma in Singapore to focus on building a strong foundation in chemistry which provides you the versatility to work in various chemistry-related sectors.


The DAPC course provides the learning environment for you to conduct research on, synthesise and test new chemicals, drugs and materials. By the end of the course, you will be able to solve problems independently and experience what it is like to work at the frontiers of investigative chemistry.


Through a specially developed progressive learning strategy, you will be imparted with knowledge acquisition skills on fundamental Chemistry principles during your first year. In the second year, you are equipped with the skills to perform chemical investigations and interpretation of results using real-life situations. During your third year, you will be able to develop and optimise new products or methods to improve lives, igniting your creativity skills.

Upon graduation, you will be ready to contribute to the chemical, pharmaceutical and materials-related industry or further your studies in tertiary institutions.


Course Highlights


Science that innovates for better living

"I have always been intrigued by the mysterious and captivating properties of materials. The Materials Science course has benefited me a lot and it provided the answers to the mysteries behind the different materials and how they are applied to improve lives. The interesting learning journey has helped to develop both my technical competency and my outlook for the future. We owe a lot to our lecturers too who have made their lessons engaging and easy to understand by bringing in real-life examples and applications. I will always cherish the care and concern shown by my lecturers and classmates.”


Huang Jiemin
Materials Science Course Medallist 2015
The Institute of Materials (East Asia) Gold Medal recipient
Accepted to read Materials Engineering at
Nanyang Technological University



Science that improves lives

"When I first enrolled into DACP, I knew this is where I wanted to be and I had made the right choice. This diploma is extremely well-structured. Practicals are always interesting and highly relevant, equipping us with the necessary skills and knowledge to analyse and resolve problems. Furthermore, I was able to put what I learnt into practice during my internship and final year project. Our dedicated lecturers were there at every step of the way to help us when we were in need. I am truly grateful to DACP for imparting me this valuable skill."


Jerald Lam Kai Jun
Applied Chemistry with Pharmaceutical Science Course Gold Medallist 2015
Megachem Gold Medal recipient
Gaia Science Award winner
Shimadzu (Asia Pacific) Award winner


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