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Why Biomedical Science @ Singapore Polytechnic?



Singapore Polytechnic is recognised by the healthcare and educational communities as the premier educational institution and resource centre for lifelong learning in the applied health sciences.


Students are given a choice of three areas of specialisation: Medical Technology, Cardiac Technology and Biomedical Research.


First established in 1986, our Medical Technology specialisation has a strong focus on testing, diagnosis, management and prevention of diseases. The curriculum integrates biological sciences with clinical and research aspects of clinical laboratory sciences. This programme is recognised by the American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP) and the Institute of Biomedical Science (IBMS) UK.


Singapore Polytechnic in partnership with National Heart Centre Singapore, offers the only formal diploma with Cardiac Technology option in Asia. Our cardiac technology students engage in face-to-face and work shoulder-to-shoulder with leading technologists and physicians in providing technical services in the investigation, diagnosis and management of heart diseases.


The Biomedical Research option is an interdisciplinary APEX program which offers students multi-faceted training across a broad spectrum of scientific and technology fields, with emphasis on the topical field of biological and medical research and development.


Diploma Plus

Students have the opportunity to pursue an additional Certificate in Phlebotomy or Certificate in Biorisk Management within the three year of their study at the polytechnic. Phlebotomy is a valuable skill in primary healthcare as well as in R&D settings. Recognised by the American Society for Clinical Pathology, this certificate will enhance the employability of graduates. A Biorisk Management certificate will provide valuable skills for graduates to work as a biosafety coordinator or officer.


Clinical and Research Attachment

Our medical technology option students will be posted to medical laboratories in hospitals and related healthcare establishments for their industrial training attachment. Students in biomedical research option will have the opportunity for a meaningful engagement with scientists at various research institutions and R&D centres of pharmaceutical institutions. Cardiac technology option students will be posted to the National Heart Centre Singapore and National University Heart Centre, Singapore for their clinical attachment.


Course Highlights



Medical Technology Suite

The Institute of Biomedical Science (IBMS) recognizes biomedical science educational programmes in UK to ensure that students are suitably trained before they enter the profession.

International credentials through the American Society for Clinical Pathology International (ASCPi ) certifies professional competency among new and practicing medical laboratory personnel in an effort to contribute globally to the highest standards of patient safety. The ASCPi credential is administered by the ASCP Board of Certification, Chicago, IL, USA.


Science that saves lives

"Never had I once regretted choosing SP Biomedical Science! We have superb lecturers who are always supportive and caring. With them around, I never felt lost or helpless and I couldn't thank them enough for their patience and selflessness. This diploma provided me with a strong exposure to both clinical diagnostics and research experience and has definitely prepared me well for for both work and further studies. Apart from the quality academic curriculum, abundant opportunities are available that allow us to discover our potential and develop our character. The many enriching activities lined up in each semester kept me fulfilled such that I was never bored during these 3 years with SP!"


Tan Fong Xin
Lee Kuan Yew Award 2015 winner
Biomedical Science Course Medallist 2015
All Eights (Singapore) Gold Medal recipient
Alfred Robert Edis Prize recipient
Health Sciences Authority Award winner
OCBC Prize recipient
Singapore Association for Medical Laboratory Sciences Award winner
The Diploma-plus Book Prize winner
Accepted to read Pharmacy at National University of Singapore


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