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Be a part of the team that designs food to excite the taste and imagination through food science and technology. Come join the ranks of food scientists and technologists to launch innovative new products to meet the needs of today’s ever curious and adventurous consumers!

Through Design Thinking, innovative teaching and industry-linked projects, you will discover the world of food – from raw materials to ingredients, processes and packaging to finished consumer products! As a food scientist or technologist, you can play an important role in making our foods more appealing yet healthier and safer!

Come journey through the Diploma in Food Science and Technology (DFST) on a D.I.E.T. (Discover, Integrate and Express with Technology) by honing your skills through basic science modules and uncovering the mysteries of food in Year 1.

In Year 2, you will integrate your food science knowledge through opportunities in ideating food concepts, performing sensory evaluation and conducting shelf-life studies, to transform raw materials into consumer focused end-products.

In Year 3, you develop processes and design food packaging that reduce food wastage and achieve sustainability of future food products. You can do this by choosing your DFST path through internship or through actual experience by taking a B.I.T.E. (Business design Infused with Technology Experience) in commercial projects.

With so many choices, what’s holding you back from choosing DFST?


Course Highlights


Food Science Laboratory


IUFoST promotes the advancement of global food science and technology through its education programmes, workshops, regional symposia and through working with the institutes/societies of food science and technology in many countries. Their accreditation is a testimony of DFST’s quality and its place in the training of food scientists and technologists who are world ready.


Science that spices up lives

"Under the guidance of caring and knowledgeable lecturers, the journey through DFST was very fruitful and exciting for me. I found the modules to be relevant and interesting. They were taught well and the practical sessions to explore many aspects of food were really engaging! This course equipped me with valuable knowledge and soft skills that are necessary for my future endeavours. Overall, I am glad to have chosen the Diploma in Food Science and Technology as the knowledge about food is now part of my life!"


Peggy Yeo Kar Lai
Food Science & Technology Course Medallist 2015
Singapore Food Manufacturers' Association Gold Medal recipient
Accepted to read Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at Nanyang Technological University


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