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Diploma in Applied Chemistry with Materials Science (DACM) JAE Code: S37

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The Diploma in Applied Chemistry with Materials Science (DACM) is the first diploma in Singapore to focus on building a strong foundation in chemistry with emphasis in materials science. You will learn to apply chemistry into materials to develop advanced and innovative products and technologies, like biomaterials, nanomaterials, green materials and polymeric materials to improve our living standards.


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"My learning journey through this course has helped me discover my passion in the sciences through the curriculum as well as the various extra-curricular programmes presented to me, such as research immersion programme in NTU. I do not regret choosing Materials Science as my first choice in Singapore Polytechnic; a course that nurtures academics, industrial skills, leadership skills and wonderful memories."


Vivian Wee Hui Wen
Materials Science Course Medallist 2014
Institute of Materials (East Asia) Gold Medal recipient
SP Model Student Award recipient
Accepted to read Materials Engineering at
Nanyang Technological University


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