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Diploma in Information Technology (DIT) JAE Code: S69



DMIT inks agreement with Proxor to offer Software Developer Examinations
Students and alumni better prepared for programming tests at I.T. job interviews with new certification.
5 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Our Course
To find out what it’s like in DIT and what the profession entails.
Tokyo Game Show Study Trip 2014
Exploring Games and Learning Games
Living the Dream in Seattle, USA
Three DIT Game Development Option students had the experience of a lifetime developing games at DigiPen Institute of Technology while visiting WA, USA
Singapore Geospatial Challenge - Our Team Journey
DIT students took part in Singapore Geospatial Challenge 2014 and won a Distinction Award.
A Day as a Tourist visting to Singapore Civil District
Enriching field trip to the Singapore Civil District and Asian Civilzation Museum
Geospatial Workshop
DIT students learnt from URA expert on geospatial apps and the geospatial revolution
Big Data and Actionable Intelligence
Mr. Keith Carter gave a talk on "Big Data and Actionable Intelligence" to our students.


My 3 years in SP passed by
too fast, but I gained new knowledge and experience to propel myself forward to face the challenges in the ever-changing IT world. Meeting so
many great and caring lecturers during my years in DIT is really a blessing. Their advice and encouragement made me a better person. DIT provided me a holistic education experience which no other could. I was given the opportunity to have my internship in the United States where I realised the importance of social ability, self-learning and commitment. Studying in SP has been an enriching experience for me as well as being my first step towards my dream career as a game developer.
Marcus Khoo Lian Kai, Class 2013
IDA Gold Medal, Singapore Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industry Prize
Diploma with Merit
Interned with the NUS-MDA SHAPE Programme
in USA
Pursuing the Diploma in Information Technology (DIT) has definitely been an amazing and unforgettable adventure for me, with no regrets. With the guidance of passionate and caring lecturers, DIT has taught me so much more about IT than I could have ever thought of before. One of my proudest experiences from DIT my internship in New York City, USA, which not only developed me in terms of the skills for the IT industry, but also to be a better person for society.
Muhammad Hamsyari Bin Rozman , Class 2013
HCL Award, Diploma with Merit
Interned with the NUS-MDA SHAPE Programme
in USA
NTU College Scholarship 2013
DIT honed my technical skills for IT and pushed me to excel, allowing me to participate in a number of competitions, in and out of SP. DMIT and my lecturers have inspired me to continue moving forward and never stop achieving.
Dominic Yip Weng Mun, Class 2013
Diploma with Merit
Diploma-Plus Certificate in Mathematics


Epic-ness guaranteed! Life in SP was enriching and fulfilling. DIT gave me many opportunities and the freedom to create, explore and innovate. Challenges are now something I look forward to, and DIT has inspired me to change the world, keystroke by keystroke. No challenge too tough, no problems unsolvable. What lies ahead? I believe a big bang of possibilities.
Tan Jian Sin, Class 2013
Microsoft Singapore Award, Diploma with Merit
Diploma-Plus Certificate in Mathematics
IDA Integrated Infocomm Scholarship,
National Infocomm Scholarship
Now You Can Leadership Series Season 2, Champion Team

Why choose DIT @SP?


The IDA's Annual Infocomm Manpower survey continues to show a steady increase in demand for infocomm talents, with a broad spectrum of job vacancies available. You can look forward to many exciting career opportunities when you graduate.


As a graduate of the SP's Diploma in Information Technology course (DIT), you will have a strong foundation in Infocomm Technology, problem-solving and communication skills.


The DIT curriculum allows you to be versatile and develop mobile, web, and cloud IT software solutions. The curriculum allows you to be agile and be adaptable to any technological changes over time by focusing on teaching fundamental core competencies.


By leveraging on User-Centric Design and using the latest in Information Technology, you will be able to create the best solutions for the toughest problems in businesses and communities. Find out how DIT students have won top awards in competitions such as SiTF Awards, and National Climate Change Competition.


SP's DIT graduates have found career opportunities in every industry that uses IT, with positions from Developer Evangelists, Solution Architects, Game Technical Level Designers, Software Engineers, to Project Managers.


Check out the DIT Experience on what our students do in the course.



What's Unique About DIT@SP?

Pursue IT Passion with
the Flexible Curriculum

Get the flexibility you want with 5 areas of interests:

  • Software Design
  • Information Security
  • Interaction Design
  • Business Management Solutions
  • Game Development





Awesome Opportunities to
Unleash Your Potential

On top of a solid curriculum, DIT has a series of Advancement Programmes (aka DITAP)
to stretch yourself and realise your greatest potential as an IT professional. From university immersion to industry-specific and special focus projects, you can be sure that there is something that appeals to you.


Check out What You'll Study to see how these Advancement Programmes are weaved into the course.


Academic Programmes
MATH Advanced Modules to prepare you for advancement opportunities
University-Level Modules to let you experience local universities' curriculum
Diploma-Plus Programmes in areas ranging from Business to Applied Psychology
Special Programmes
SEED SIG provides a learning community for students
Healthcare Innovation through the Diploma-Plus in Healthcare innovation and work for real needs
Special Projects to create innovative ideas that lead to Final Year Projects



Partner with
Industry Leaders

We work closely with industry leaders when designing our pedagogy, and in building learning facilities.


Learn about the latest with our partners from Apple, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, Electronic Arts, Samsung, CyanSYS, HCL, Banyan Tree Hotels & Resorts, Marina Bay Sands, Ubisoft.




Outstanding Opportunities
for Outstanding Students
Students with good academic results and active in CCAs, can look forward to be awarded a scholarships from: