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Diploma in Visual Effects and Motion Graphics (DVEMG) JAE Code: S39





I have read the module synopses in detail and believe that the course is well balanced, offering a solid and very necessary foundation year in art and aesthetics and some highly relevant Year 2 & 3 modules that will provide the students with useful practical knowledge that they can build on in a variety of VFX and Motion Graphics vocations.
Paul Stevens
Executive Producer
Business Development Manager
Blackmagic Design Pte Ltd
The market for motion content will experience tremendous growth as new media devices; like the Apple iPhone, Sony PSP and the Google Phone drive these content within easy reach of busy professionals, executives and students on the go. This is where the expertise of visual effects and motion graphics artists would come in to better package these content for consumption by their intended audiences.
Mark Sun
Director (Creative Assets)

Why choose DVEMG @SP?


We are constantly exposed to visual effects and motion graphics every day, from the latest films in the cinema, to commercials and promos on television and web.


Are you a creative person looking to work in this field? Do you want to see your work come together to create graphics and visual effects for movies, television and video games? If so, you may want to earn your Diploma in Visual Effects and Motion Graphics from Singapore Polytechnic.

Comprehensive Curriculum
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Throughout our full pipeline three years course from conceptualizing to completion, you will learn how to bring your creative ideas to life, using the latest digital technologies to create visual effects and motion graphics.


Not only will you use the latest software, but also high-definition cameras, studio equipment and green screen technology – This fully prepares you for employment in film and broadcast graphics, commercials and the VFX industries.

Learning & Teaching Method

For a balance of practice and theory, you will gain knowledge of the field through specialist lectures by Mentors and our experienced staff, which are followed by hands-on sessions. As you progress, you will specialise in areas of interest through numerous external real life and final year projects.

By the 3rd year, you will have the skills to generate a product from concept through to a polished work. There will be visits from industry professionals, exhibitions and workshops. You will also have the opportunity to participate in national and international festivals and competitions. These will help you develop a showreel of professional, broadcast quality work, which you can show to potential employers.

Your own personal space (M.A.D. Studio)
Imagine having your own personal workstation, shelves and cabinet for you to put your own personal belongings? It is almost like a second home. No more madness of rushing from classroom to classroom. From the second year onwards, all students will enjoy this privilege.
Comprehensive facilities

We have industry standard facilities and equipment.

  • Green screen cyclorama shooting floor
  • Wire rigs and harnesses @ VEFX studio for Stunts
  • Studio control room for multi-cam operations
  • Motion Capture Studio
  • Stereoscopic 3D camera rigs and S3D post-production suite
  • Special Effects Make-up @ The FORGE


Industry live projects

Our students have been involved in many industry projects such as Music Matters 2013, EDB, Halloween at Universal Studios 2013, Licence to Play 2013, World Solar Car Challenge 2013, SP Open house video 2013, Singapore Art Museum, Learning Express, etc.



Internship and Overseas Trips

All of our students go through a 17 week internship program before graduating. There are also overseas trips and internship for students who want further exposure.



Work Experience and Employment prospect

The practical elements of this course, combined with your creativity, will ensure you develop the skills to go far in this industry. Graduates of this course now work for production companies throughout the country, including Double Negative, Disney, LucasFilm etc .Work at these companies includes Thor 2, Spiderman, Iron man 2 and Man of Steel.