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Welcome to EEE SPAN


EEE-SPAN (Electrical & Electronic Engineering - Singapore Polytechnic Alumni Network) is the SP alumni network for EEE graduates. Like a span, it bridges all alumni and the school. EEE-SPAN is an informal group managed and supported by the school.


As graduates, we have many things in common. We chose to pursue an engineering diploma at SP. While at SP, we attended interesting lectures, had stimulating experiments, undertook challenging projects, and sat through stringent examinations. We also benefited from our dedicated lecturers who patiently taught us and willingly guided us during the course of our studies. In the process, close friendship with our classmates and lecturers developed.


We are now a diverse group of individuals, treading our own path of vision and trying to achieve excellence in the varied roles we have chosen. In the midst of all these pursuits, let us reminisce about the good old days at SP. By organising enjoyable activities such as reunions, sports and seminars, closer relationship with our former Poly mates and lecturers can be fostered.