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Diploma in Computer Engineering (DCPE) JAE Code: S53

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It all begins with a micro-chip.
A small piece of silicon that is crafted to thousands and even millions of electronic circuits, and with that micro-chip you can control the world.

Welcome to the world of   Computer Engineering

Computer Engineering looks at how we use computers/microchips to control the world around us. As computers are used in all sorts of devices ranging from networked Smart Televisions to high-speed disk drives and mobile phones, this field is an exciting and ever-changing with lots of challenging opportunities. Computer Engineers use hardware, software and systems to build devices (e.g. Smart Phones, Tablets) and load them with applications that allow users to control devices or communicate with other computers.

The Diploma in Computer Engineering at Singapore Polytechnic builds your knowledge with a strong foundation in Electrical Engineering, Smart Devices, Networking, Operating Systems, Programming and Mathematics.


In addition, you can build on a variety of options for you to select to tailor to industry, certification, further studies or your interests. We offer options in the six main areas of Computer Engineering:

  • Infocomm Systems

  • Cloud Systems

  • Smart Devices

  • Computer Networking

  • Computer Security

  • Software Applications Development




Your choice, your course


In the first year, you will build your knowledge with basic Electrical Engineering and Digital Electronics, the building blocks of developing computer projects. You will also develop your skills in programming using C++ and applying it to making robots perform missions. You should be able to build and control an autonomous vehicle.

In the second year, you will learn about Microcontrollers and Computer Networking. You will also have a choice of selecting two options in computer engineering. These options allow you to develop in specific knowledge areas or to explore areas of computer engineering that you have an interest.

In your final year, you will learn about operating systems and object oriented programming, which will allow you to write programs and applications for your devices. In addition, you will have a choice of two options. You can choose the same options as in Second Year to improve your specialization (e.g. Computer Networking and Computer Security) or select two different options to have a wide breadth of Computer Engineering.


The Computer Engineering course is project driven. You will have opportunities to work on iconic projects involving the Internet, Mobile Devices or computer control systems. You will also have access to our state-of-the-art SP EEE Cloud Computing Centre (SPE3C3) where you can request for servers and systems to develop large software systems and applications.

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Connecting people


Top Diploma in Computer Engineering (DCPE) graduate for 2010           

My course equipped me with the technical and interpersonal skills that I need to better prepare myself for my higher studies and future career. The Diploma Plus Courses that I took helped me to secure a Red Hat Certified Technician Status recognized all over the world.
Through involvement in Robocup, the international immersion experience offered me opportunities to interact with people from all around the world which is essential in this globalized world.


Cloud @SP

Singapore Polytechnic (SP) is the first educational institute in Asia Pacific to equip its students with the latest skills in cloud computing through an operational data center environment.
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