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Diploma in Electrical & Electronic Engineering (DEEE) JAE Code: S99

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Electrical and electronic engineering is the broadest and most dynamic of all engineering. It covers everything from micron-scale transistors to macro-scale network systems. This is a major sector in Singapore’s economy. In 2011, Electronics industry contributed an output of S$86.1 billion and employed more than 82,000 workers.

Your future career options span a wide range of industries - from aerospace and biomedical industries to robotics and microelectronics sectors, and much more.

The Diploma in Electrical & Electronic Engineering (DEEE) will prepare you to be a competent and a much sought after technologist to meet the challenges of a very fast-moving industry.

Course Highlights

  • Flexible programme to give you a strong foundation in electrical & electronic engineering while specialising in two different areas of interest.
  • Follow the CDIO (Conceive-Design-Implement-Operate) framework which is used in top universities in the United States, Europe and Australia.
  • Semester-long Immersion Programme in our new Rapid Transit Technology option, allowing students to experience the real mass rapid transit work environment.
  • Option to complete your academic programme in five semesters and use the last semester to complete a multi-disciplinary project.
  • Overseas industrial training programmes in Australia, China, and Germany.

The Diploma in Electrical & Electronic Engineering offers to selected students an APEX Programme as additional to your diploma programme. This special programme is designed to inspire and help you reach the peak of your ability. It provides you with multi-disciplinary hands-on experiences, combining electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and design. For details, click here.

Course Structure

The key advantage of the course is flexibility. It provides sufficient breadth of electrical and electronics engineering knowledge and yet allows flexibility in choosing preferred specialisations. There are several 2nd and 3rd year options for you to choose from and to customise your curriculum according to your interests and ability.

You can also take up additional advanced modules, giving you that added edge when you enter university. If you are able to cope, you will be invited to join the diploma-plus program so that you can graduate with an additional diploma-plus certificate.


Teaching & Learning

The DEEE course is taught using Conceive-Design-Implement-Operate (CDIO) framework which is used in several top universities in the United States, Europe and Australia. You will gain thinking, process and life skills and will have ample opportunities to design and build projects, grasping a better understanding of key concepts taught.

We aim to produce competent technologists who will be able to work effectively in a wide range of electrical and electronic engineering industries. You will be equipped with Design Thinking skills that will enable you to conceive new products and services that meet people’s needs in a technologically feasible and commercially viable way.




SP offers an extensive range of scholarships. Click on the links below on the available scholarships:
     - SP Scholarships
     - Scholarships by external organisations

Overseas Programmes

In your 2nd year, you can opt to fly overseas for a subsidized 6-week Industrial Training Programme to countries such as China, Germany and Australia.  You will also have an opportunity to be involved in Community Service Projects overseas.

Industrial training programme in Australia

Industrial training programme in China


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Hands-on and interactive learning

Top Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering (DEEE) graduate for 2012, who is currently pursuing her degree at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, USA.
Pwint Kay Khine

alt text


DEEE students (in black SP T-shirt) won big prizes in a worldwide mobile developer competition organised by Motorola. They are Edwin Thong (4th from left) and Wang Chen Fei (5th from left).




Kuriakin Zeng - first ever student from SP to be accepted into Harvard College. Read more.



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