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Diploma in Engineering with Business (DEB) JAE Code: S42

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The Diploma in Engineering with Business is an innovative multi-disciplinary course that is jointly offered by the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, School of Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering and SP Business School.

Engineering? Or Business?

You have a passion for Engineering and would like a foundation in Business. Should you choose an Engineering course or a Business course? Why not have BOTH? We have the perfect solution for you: the Diploma in Engineering with Business.

This diploma is specially designed for students who have a keen interest in science, mathematics and technology, but who may not necessarily wish to pursue a pure engineering course. It will train you to be a business-savvy engineer. Get ready to be the entrepreneurial engineer!


Course Highlights

  • Learn from experts from three SP schools – School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, School of Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering and SP Business School.
  • Integrates engineering and business knowledge with a strong focus on technopreneurship.
  • Experience a semester-long internship programme in world class companies.
  • Experience the culture and the way of doing business in a foreign country through a semester-long immersion programme in overseas universities.
  • A proven track record with students admitted to NUS, NTU, SMU, SUTD and SIT.

Your Learning Journey

Year 1: Uploading Fundamentals


Your journey begins with the acquisition of fundamental knowledge in engineering, business and programming. You will experience the integration of engineering with business through doing a market situation analysis to identify market needs. You will also design and develop an engineering prototype using design thinking and CDIO techniques to meet the market needs and prepare a marketing plan for your prototype.


Year 2: Nurturing the Technopreneur


The nurturing process continues with in-depth learning of engineering principles and applications, including computer and microcontroller applications, thus allowing you to design an engineering product or service.

You will also learn the essential skills that include financial management, market research, selling techniques and specific technopreneurship skills to conduct feasibility study and to develop strategic marketing & financial plan for your product and service.

Year 3: Technopreneurship in Action


With the skills that you have garnered, you are now ready for some real-life action. You will be mentored through the overall process of developing a business plan for your venture or for a potential client.

You will also learn to solve real life business problems though a semester long internship or experience different cultures and way of doing business in a foreign environment through an immersion program in foreign universities.

You can also sharpen your knowledge in your area of interest by choosing from a basket of elective modules that cover engineering and business. .


SP offers an extensive range of scholarships. Click on the links below on the available scholarships:

- SP Scholarships

- Scholarships by external organisations


Our Students’ Internship experience


Chester Tan, awarded a Certificate of Recognition for Outstanding Performance in Creativity and Innovation from Doxon Engineering Pte Ltd. He designed an automated assembly gadget that enhances productivity by reducing process time from 5 minutes to 25 seconds. “I'm really glad that to be able to go through the internship program as i am able to apply the knowledge learnt in some of the courses. And through that, also gain the experiences of the working life."

Overseas Immersion Programme in China

Parent’s Testimony on the immersion programme:

“During his final year in SP, he opted to go for a four months overseas immersion programme in Beijing Technology and Business University….……….As someone who travels to China regularly for business, I was impressed that that my son could engage me on business challenges in China after his stint in Beijing. He has also learnt to be more independent”….. Mdm Rita Ow, mother of Dexter Lee who will be starting his studies at Nanyang Business School in 2015.








Our Graduates



Zhang Shuwen, Class of 2014

Offered the Nanyang Scholarship from NTU and a Study Award from NUS to read Business.

“As someone who has truly benefited from studying in DEB, I’m confident to say that my experience in this course has given me a competitive edge as the training in this course exposes me to both fields and nurtures me to demonstrate risk-taking spirit and perspicacity of a businessman, as well as strong analytical aptitude and problem solving skills of an engineer. The knowledge gained along the way has greatly shaped my perspectives and developed the path for me to pursue my true passion and interest.


Ng Yu Xin, Class of 2013, is awarded the NTU Scholarship to pursue a double degree program, Business and Computer Engineering (BCE) Scholarship.

“Through the large variety of modules available in DEB course, not only did I gain knowledge and exposure in various areas such as mechanical, electrical and electronic engineering as well as business, but also discover an interest in electronic projects….

Now in NTU, my DEB experience provides me with the basics of both business and programming which are required in my current degree. DEB has also trained me to cope with the heavy study load in NTU better as compared to my fellow classmates.”



Sheryl Chua and Lee Shu Hui, Class of 2013

Direct entry to second year Information Engineering & Media with Minor in Business and Electrical and Electronic Engineering with Minor in Business at NTU respectively.

“Through this diploma, we have acquired a clever mix of technological and engineering principles as well as business fundamentals. Having to study Engineering with Business, we were given the opportunities to excel further. The projects and practical sessions available allowed us to input what we have learnt during lectures into real-life applications.”



Thomas Tham, Class of 2012, is awarded the Ng Bok Eng Renaissance Engineering Scholarship. He will be pursuing the Renaissance Engineering Programme at NTU which awards a dual-degree comprising Bachelor of Engineering Science degree and Master of Science in Technology Management.

“DEB gave me the opportunity to explore and learn a wide range of subjects. The teaching of both engineering and business modules in this course allows me to integrate the technical aspects of engineering with essential business concepts. This approach provided me with an insight on how these concepts are applied to engineering products and services in the world of business.”



Jasmin Lee, Class of 2012 currently pursuing a Degree in Mechanical Design and Manufacturing Engineering from Newcastle University as part of Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT).

“During my course of study, I was exposed to different presentation styles from both the business and engineering school. I am able to understand how engineering concepts can be integrated in the business society and vice-versa. I also had the chance to take up Diploma Plus in computer programming. With these unique set of skills, I am able to help companies improve productivity.“




Jonathan Au, Class of 2012 will start his studies at SMU in Bachelor of Business Management after his National Service.

"The course has allowed me to experience the various aspects of engineering and business, and that has helped me to build a strong foundation for the future…through the modules, I got to work on many projects which simulate real life situations, making the learning experience more fun, practical and enjoyable. In DEB there has never be a boring moment.”


Final year students attending a 3 month overseas immersion program in Beijing Technology and Business University (BTBU)


Outside classroom activities


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