Well Done Kyi Hla Win

Kyi Hla Win graduated from our DMA Course in 2011 and went on to read Mechanical Engineering in SUTD (Engineering Product Development pillar). In 2015, he graduated with 1st Class Honours. He is one of the founders of the Multi-Rotor Society in SUTD. Congratulations and well done Kyi Hla Win.


Air Jelly (Inspired by Festo)

A jellyfish-like robot (inspired by Festo) created by DMRO students to fly and manoeuvre in the air! The Air Jelly can be used as an eye-catching advertising and promotion tool.

Engineering her curiosity to success

As a kid, curiosity about the mechanical parts of her broken race car planted the seeds of an engineering education in Gan Bee Li’s mind. Today, the 2014 DMRO Institutional Medallist is pursuing engineering at NTU with the Nanyang Scholarship.

Most boys who received a remote controlled car as a prize for topping their Primary One class would spend the entire day racing the car.  However, Gan Bee Li is not a boy.  While the precocious girl did receive a remote controlled car from her dad for topping her Primary One class, Bee Li was more interested to find out how the car could move with just the slightest push on a remote instead of racing it.

One day, she crashed the car and it broke apart.  Instead of crying, Bee Li was fascinated by the mechanical parts and circuitry of the damaged car and wondered how these small bits and pieces could enable the toy car to move.  There and then, the seeds of an engineering education were planted in her mind.

While in her final year at Sekolah Menengah Jenis Kebangsaan Hua Lian in Malaysia, Bee Li researched on the various polytechnics and engineering diplomas in Singapore.  Her research highlighted SP as the first polytechnic in Singapore with the most established engineering curriculum. Visiting SP for the first time, she was captivated by the vibrant environment and knew instantly that this was the place for her.  In her Joint Poly Admissions Exercise application, SP was her only polytechnic choice!

At the end of the common engineering programme at SP, Bee Li decided to enrol in the Diploma in Mechatronics and Robotics as she developed an interest in the conceptualising and drawing of mechanical plans.

At SP, the tree hugger also found the perfect club for herself – The SP Environment Club.  The club was the perfect platform for Bee Li to interact with other passionate youths who shared the same desire to do their part for the environment.  SP Environment Club also allowed Bee Li to discover and nurture the leader within her as she rose to the position of Vice President and found the confidence to lead others and voice out her ideas.

Shortly after graduating, Bee Li (front row, second from left) received the Nanyang Scholarship along with six other SP graduates. She is now furthering her studies at Nanyang Technological University in the Degree in Electrical Engineering with Business Minor.

This Model Student Award winner also has a heart for the less fortunate as seen in her participation of various donation drives and community activities.  On one such community activity, Bee Li realised how fortunate and lucky she was after witnessing a blind elderly man living alone in a poorly kept house.

Last year, Bee Li did her internship at LESER LLP where she experienced the inner workings of how a business is run and managed.  Inspired by her internship, Bee Li decided to accept Nanyang Technological University’s offer to pursue a Degree in Electrical Engineering with Business Minor although she had an offer from the National University of Singapore to pursue a Degree in Electrical Engineering.

In the predominantly male dominated field of engineering, Bee Li has proven that girls can race ahead too.

Last updated: 4 Dec 2014