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Each year, Singapore Polytechnic enrols over 5,000 school leavers into its 48 full-time diploma courses. Enrolment is open to students who have successfully applied to Singapore Polytechnic.

JAE / JPSAE / DPA Successful Applicants

Congratulations on your posting to SP. What's next? You will receive your enrolment package detailing the enrolment process by late February.

After completing the enrolment process, refer to the Enrolment Guide Page 16-17 or the After Enrolment page for what else you would need to do.

Lastly, you and your parent would need to read the Conditions of Admission.

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Online Enrolment

Online enrolment submission, enquiries on course application status and student classes can be done on the Online Enrolment website.

Visit the Online Enrolment page