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Student Success Stories

Life Is But A Film

Pokemon was all that Chew Keng Hao cared about during his primary and secondary school days. With his video game addiction, he did not make the grade for the G.C.E. ‘O’ Level after completing his ‘N’ Level examination at Bedok Green Secondary School.

Nevertheless, he knew he had some interest in visual creative arts and enrolled in the Institute of Technical Education (ITE) to study Digital Audio and Video Production. During his first year at ITE, he faced some personal problems and felt frustrated. His lecturer at ITE saw it and encouraged him to produce a short film to express his emotions. The experience sealed his fate for the next few years.

With his passion for film-making awakened, Keng Hao excelled at ITE. Thereafter, he took up the Diploma in Visual Effects and Motion Graphics (DVEMG) at Singapore Polytechnic (SP) and the rest is history.

Keng Hao’s passion for film art motivated his journey in SP. Throughout his three years, he studied hard and missed no opportunities to participate in projects that required film-making skills. His talent was already noticeable during his first year and he was chosen to do a video documentation of the SP Team taking part in the World Solar Challenge in Adelaide, Australia.

He also produced videos for several events which included the World Youth Climbing Championship and the License2Play Convention (Music Matters Live). To get a feel of other aspects in film-making, he joined his DVEMG course mates to provide special effects make-up for the scare actors at Halloween at Sentosa 4D Adventureland. Official recognition for his film-making came when he won Best Film and Best Editing at the Toronto Student Film Festival during his second year.

Keng Hao secured an overseas internship with a production house in San Francisco, United States, during his final year. With two fellow course mates, he built from scratch a mobile studio that could conduct live video production in a truck. Their tasks ranged from laying electrical cables to laying fibre optic cables in the false ceiling and getting the internet connection up and ready. His positive work attitude impressed the company so much that he was invited back to San Francisco to do another project. This time, all his expenses were paid and he was given a salary.

The future is now clear for Keng Hao, who is also a SP Model Student Award winner. After his national service, he hopes to clinch a scholarship to study film-making at the renowned American Film Institute and one day join the ranks of Asian film directors such as Wong Kar Wai and Tsai Ming-Liang whom he admires.


  • Tan Kay Yong Gold Medal
  • Media Development Authority Gold Medal
  • IM Innovations Award