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Young Engineers' Club

Now, there is a place where young people in the secondary schools can dabble in some "wizardry" of their own, not of the Harry Potter type but that of the engineering field.

The Young Engineers' Club (YEC), which is overseen by the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, aims to promote a spirit of creativity and innovation amongst the young secondary students by encouraging active membership and involvement in YEC activities.

YEC members get an opportunity to participate in interesting projects like creating "light-emitting diodes" and even a "whooping" machine -- a device that produces sounds simulating that of a person whooping in joy.

The YEC also hopes to form "satellite clubs" in secondary schools throughout Singapore and has plans to hold joint seminars, enrichment programs and exhibitions. It will serve as a fine example of how educational institutions like the polytechnic can work together  with the industry to create awareness of engineering among secondary school students and teachers.

Currently, membership is open to students and teachers from secondary schools in Singapore.

Visit the Young Engineer's Club Website

Photo of secondary school students participating in YEC activities

Photo of secondary school students attending a talk organised by YEC