The critical and creative thinking launchpack that will empower you to take on the future with confidence

The SPEAR Programme expresses SP's commitment to providing you with a well-rounded education. It equips you with the essential skills and mindsets to successfully navigate our rapidly changing and volatile world, and become independent thinkers who are able to engage meaningfully with real-world affairs. SPEAR consists of three modules to be taken by all SP students over one-and-a-half years.


Building Foundations for the Future

The complex problems of today and tomorrow cannot be solved by a single discipline. In SPEAR, we want to help you to see the bigger picture, and enable you to voice informed opinions and tackle complex issues with confidence.

SPEAR stands for the key skills and qualities that SP hopes to drive: Self-directedness, Perspectives, Empathy, Articulation and Resilience.

In the SPEAR Programme, you will:

  • Get acquainted with a wide range of current issues and macro trends that impacts Singapore
  • Develop a keen perspective on local and global affairs
  • Learn to form sharp, balanced critiques of past and current events
  • Articulate your views rationally and persuasively across different platforms
  • Develop empathy for those around us
  • Acquire Design Thinking (DT) tools and methods and propose innovative solutions for a local or overseas community in need

The three semester-long modules are as follows:

  • Critical & Analytical Thinking (CAT)
  • Narrative Thinking (NAT)
  • Sustainable Innovation Project (SIP)

You can view the complete list of modules here.


The SPEAR Learning Experience

Because learning goes beyond the textbook, the SPEAR experience takes on a blended approach that combines highly interactive lessons and out-of-classroom learning journeys, talks, and other activities. SPEAR aims to motivate you to develop a growth mindset so that you can develop to your full potential. Expect energetic discussions and hands-on, collaborative learning opportunities. Keep an open mind and see things from different perspectives. Get comfortable with uncertainty and learn that questions are more important than answers in critical inquiry. Embrace the power of the narrative and see how stories can be influential and impactful. Team up with students from multiple disciplines and engage in creative thinking and problem-solving through an active exchange of ideas and solutions.



To find out more about NAT and CAT, please contact Ms Liu Sin Yee at liu_sin_yee@sp.edu.sg

To find out more about SIP and OSIP, please contact Mr Kenneth XY Lee at kenneth_XY_LEE@sp.edu.sg