Daniel Quentin Ong

Dip Arch Tech, BA, Grad Dip Arch, ACIAT
Class of 2001

DARCH, Singapore Polytechnic, School of ABE


Daniel received his Diploma in Architectural Technology from the Singapore Polytechnic in 2001, proceeded with his undergraduate studies in Australia at the University of Technology Sydney; and was followed by postgraduate education at the Canterbury School of Architecture, University for the Creative Arts in the UK.

He is currently en route to becoming a qualified architect.

His education spans three continents and is acquainted with complex high-density urban environments in Europe, Asia and Australasia. As much as design ideas continue to push boundaries, he describes, “So too must we recognise our own boundaries, the confines of our limitations, the availability of natural resources, capacity of societal obligations, professional ethics, building performance; the totality of Architecture.”

Daniel remains steadfast on the need to understand and appreciate historical urban fabrics and the placement of ‘new’ architecture. He shares, “Often designs are relentless, and would bear little or no context to the site or with the culture of the city. The frenetic development of future-cities and the incessant need to fulfil, places into question – are we building right or are we simply building?”

He recalls having begun architecture school with a design for a modest house to postgraduate year on a design thesis for a skyscraper in the City of London and adds, “These academic projects inevitably became more complex both physically and theoretically and I believe design concepts are best complemented with technical know-hows as well.

He says, “The pragmatic components of architecture that were taught at the polytechnic have provided me a gruelling awareness of the mechanics of essentially building a building. Construction technicalities are part of that tension between design theories and philosophical reasoning. This fundamental exchange coupled with both the specific and the abstract create an almost universal dialogue to which architecture ultimately becomes.”

In the course of his student days at the polytechnic, Daniel would often find himself involved with extra-curricular activities as he was a class representative, and also an avid member of the Singapore Polytechnic Ambassadorial Relations Corps (SPARC). In addition, he was embarked on learning the French language and was a recipient of the French Language Excellence Award by The French Alumni Singapore.

As a Singapore Polytechnic alumni, he has presented talks to students on architectural education and the profession; conducted workshops on portfolio design and visual representation.

Daniel is an associate member of the Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists (CIAT), UK.

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